Sixteen Different Types Of Split Ends Exist, And Here's What Each And Every Single One Looks Like

Split ends are probably just as annoying as blackheads — they're both a challenge to get rid of and they're stubborn. But as troublesome as they are, did you know that they are complex? There are 16 different types of split ends, according to Allure. If you're unsure as to what split ends are or whether or not you have them, grab a handful of your hair and take a look at the ends. Healthy hair will have straight strands at the tips, but unhealthy hair will have strands of hair divided into two at the very tips. The cause is most commonly from too much exposure to heat or chemicals such as hair dye, but if you don't really do much to your hair, it might be because you're long overdue for a haircut. Even a trim will easily clean up your 'do and keep your hair looking healthy.

But who would've thought that this daily annoyance would come in more than one form, let alone 16? Let's break some down for you: the first kind is the traditional split, where a single strand of hair is split into two strands at the end. This split can often lead to triple splits and even quadruple splits, which is better known as the "feather" because of its resemblance to one. There are various others which you can find on this handy chart below:

If you want the whole spiel about split ends, be sure to watch this video compiled by user 86Bebelyn. You will undoubtedly learn more about split ends than you can imagine.

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Image: 86Bebelyn/YouTube