Moroccanoil's Ex CEO Launches Pai-Shau, A Line of Hair Products Containing Tea

Coconut oil has been all the rage lately, especially for moisturizing our long locks. But before this tasty fruit oil blew up, it was all about the Morrocan Argan oil, which has been in the hair market for years in an effort to combat hair dryness. But now, a new product its making it's way—Moroccanoil's former CEO is releasing a new line of hair care called Pai-Shau, which uses a mix of different teas.

The line, which contains a serum, shampoo, conditioner, mask, and styling cream, is made up of an "exotic tea complex," consisting of "a mix of black tea, green tea, pu-erh tea, white tea and African red leaf tea," according to WWD. The benefits? It's supposed to make your hair shiny, elastic, and strong.

The story behind this discovery goes like this: co-founder and CEO of Pai-Shau Zohar Paz went on a trip to Vietnam and witnessed an ancient bathing ritual involving tea that he wanted to bring back to North America, according to WWD. And that's just what he's doing in May, when the line will be released at select salons.

I might have to try this new line out, as I've heard that tea has multiple benefits for your hair, including hair growth, reducing dandruff, increased shine, and nurturing split ends. You can be assured that this new line is of the highest caliber, as according to WWD, Paz told his chemist that there was no budget. With that said, the line's price point doesn't seem too unreasonable, ranging between $26-$45. All in all, it's definitely comparable to most high-end hair care lines.

With a name that comes from the word "passion" in Portuguese, it's no doubt that Paz has put his heart, soul, and genius into this product. “I wanted to create something different and bring something new to the industry."

Images: Pai-Shau