Christina Aguilera Should Have A Talk Show

Raise your hand if you don't like Christina Aguilera. Anyone whose hand is in the air is now cut out of my life forever. The '90s pop princess turned The Voice judge and icon has endured this long because of her amazing talent and her loyal fan base, who have been with her from "Genie In A Bottle" to "Say Something" with A Great Big World. Just as she isn't going anywhere, neither are we going anywhere. However, I want to see more of Aguilera than just her judging stint on The Voice or when she decides to bless us with new music. I want a Christina Aguilera talk show to be a thing. If Queen Latifah can do it, why not Aguilera? We need even more shows starring ladies, and even more talk shows to fill the Oprah void.

Of course, I'm not saying that Aguilera should be stolen from The Voice or anything. I wouldn't dare deprive the show's fans of one of the best parts of watching it. However, The Voice will probably end eventually — just like American Idol shocked us all by doing — and then the pop star will need a new gig. I think that new gig should be a talk show, and here are my very logical reasons why.

1. She's Hilarious

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You only need to watch about 20 minutes of The Voice to know that Aguilera is hilarious. She's the queen of one-liners, especially ones flung in Adam Levine's direction. Perhaps she should get her own talk show alongside a female partner that she can bounce her deadpan sense of humor off against. Then again, the guests on her show might provide her with the perfect platform for that.

2. She's Musically Gifted


Do I even need to explain this one? Let's just say that Aguilera wouldn't even need a band or a band leader to accompany her on her talk show. She could pre-record all the songs and music herself, perhaps simple remixes of some of her classic singles. Her talk show could be where we hear her new music before the rest of the world! Someone please make this happen.

3. She Knows How To Talk To People

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When Aguilera coaches her team on the Voice, she always strikes the perfect combination of strict leadership and maternal kindness that they need to believe in themselves. She, like most strong women, has been accused of being a diva, but rarely in a bad way. Her interviews would not only be hilarious, but thought-provoking and pure fun. She could probably lure more information out of her guests than even Ellen DeGeneres.

4. She's Body Positive


This isn't a quality that's unique to her, but Aguilera is incredibly body positive, and she could probably end up making that a point, or even a segment, on her show. The world needs more declarative displays of body positivity out there, so everyone can learn to love themselves and not work so hard to live up to society's very narrow definition of beauty. It's a long, hard road for all of us to walk, but Aguilera could help lead the way.

5. She's A Living Legend


Sure, she hasn't reached Betty White status yet, but she's still iconic. Actually, now that I think about it, someone ask Betty White if she wants to have her own talk show...

6. She Would Pick The Best Guests


Who doesn't Aguilera know? The broad range of guests that she could have on the show, whether as interviewees or for a cameo in a sketch, is so endless that she should get a show just for that. (Maybe she could even pull a Tatiana Maslany and play all the roles in half of her sketches because, I mean, who needs guest cameos when you have Aguilera?)

7. She's Christina Aguilera


That's it. That's the whole reason. Give this woman her own talk show right now.

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