'Sharknado 3' Trailer Has Completely Embraced Everything That Makes It The Best-Worst Movie Franchise Ever — VIDEO

Another year, another Sharknado. The disaster franchise is back this summer, and it's campier than ever. Sharknado 3 is continuing the noble tradition of its predecessors by billing itself as the worst movie ever. Star David Hasselhoff has been promising that it will be horrible, even revealing that his character dies, because he knows that no one's watching for the plot. On Thursday, the Syfy network released a Sharknado 3 trailer that follows up on the promise that this movie is full of ridiculous levels of cringe-worthy awesomeness. It's hilariously overdramatic and oversells itself for comedic effect.

Naturally, I revisited the first couple of trailers to see whether they've always been this silly. The trailer for the first film promised some kind of plot and might have been seen by someone who'd been living under a rock as a genuine attempt at a disaster movie. The second trailer is hilarious, with lots of winks to the camera and an emphasis on it being "the second one." The trailers are all that you really need to see; it's a trilogy that works just as well in, ahem, bite-sized chunks as it does in full-length movie form.

While this is an especially short trailer, there's a lot going on. Here are the best moments that promise that this is going to be the worst one yet.

1. When It Aligns Itself With These Trilogies

Does this mean there won't be a Sharknado 4: Son of Sharknado?

2. This Image

The sharks have descended on the styrofoam monuments of DC.

3. "Oh Hell No!"

The point at which the film lives up to its title.

4. "Not Again"

What's a comedy sequel without lots of meta references to its sequel-ness?

5. This

It's gonna be good.

Check out the full trailer below.

Images: Syfy/Youtube (5)