Blake Lively Wishes 'Preserve' Launched Later, But We're Glad It Didn't For These 9 Reasons

Preserve is one of the top celebrity clothing brands on the market right now, but it hasn't always been smooth sailing for the brand in its first year. According to Racked, Lively wishes that Preserve hadn't launched when it did. Although the brand may have had a rough first year, the feel and look of the current brand sure makes me glad that it launched when it did.

Despite the fabulous clothing and beautiful accessories available on the site, Lively's brand isn't perfect. But what is? After a year online, the star told Time magazine that the e-commerce site launched before it was supposed to. She told the publication, "The site's not close to what I want it to be. I hope by the time it's what I want it to be, my standards will be raised infinitely more." The actress turned businesswoman was completely honest about the ups and downs of the site, which made us love her even more.

From the stories on the site to the clothing available to purchase, Preserve may not be what Lively imagined, but it's sure keeping fashionistas everywhere happy. What started off as a clothing brand soon turned into a personal peek into Lively's life. Who wouldn't want to celebrate that? The star even designs her own clothing now. I'd say that's a win for Preserve and a win for the fashion world.

Still not a believer? Between the red carpet looks that you've seen and the fabulous accessories that you haven't, there are oh-so-many reasons to be glad that the site launched when it did.

1. Behind-the-scenes Lively

A personal invitation into Lively Land? Yes, please.

2. The gorgeous accessories

From simple bracelets to stunning geode necklaces, this line knows the way to our hearts.

3. Patterns on point

There's truly something for everyone, with the wide variety of prints available.

4. Delicious recipes

I can now pretend that I'm sitting around the dinner table with Lively and Reynolds.

5. At-home crafting

What's better than finding great DIYs in the same place you can do some shopping?

6. Red carpet looks

I no longer need to wonder who Lively is wearing on the red carpet.

7. Breezy summer dresses

Oh, and Lively co-designed this. How. Stinkin'. Cool!

8. Home decor

Yes, my interior designer is Blake Lively. Thanks for asking.

9. Stylish bags

Usable and stylish never looked so good.

I can't wait to see what she includes next!