Even R+L=J Won't Give Jon Snow The Throne

What once started out as a small online theory about a popular book series has now blown up into a commonly known Internet phenomenon. You've likely already heard the R+L=J Game of Thrones theory that essentially states that Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark had a baby before Robert and Ned came to get Lyanna. (It's still up in the air if Lyanna was raped or actually consented in this situation. It's Game of Thrones, so it really could go either way.) The theory postulates that Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark's baby was actually Jon Snow. She gave Jon to Ned for protection before she died, since all Targaryen children were murdered by the Lannisters. Ned tells everyone he's his bastard, and so everyone calls Jon "Snow" instead of "Targaryen." It's a theory the show seems to be hinting at, so, for a moment, let's assume that it is true.

This would make Jon a huge contender for the Iron Throne, especially if he marries Daenerys. (Yes, they are half-siblings, but that doesn't seem to be a large issue in that day and age.) But, before you start getting your King Jon tattoos, let's think this through for a moment. There are plenty of reasons why Jon Snow will never be king, despite this theorized parentage.

1. His Night's Watch Vow

Let's start with the most obvious thing keeping him from taking over. He is sworn to the Night's Watch, meaning he cannot wear a crown. We've already seen that he lives by his word, rejecting Stannis offer to make him a Stark. It doesn't seem likely he would break his word now, even if it did mean being king.

2. Daenerys & Tyrion Could Rule

Sure a Stark/Targaryen ruler would be impressive, but what about a Targaryen and a Lannister? Tyrion clearly knows how to run a kingdom, and he and Daenerys could take the Iron Throne together.

3. Winterfell Is Calling

Yes, he's said no to ruling Winterfell once, but if it came down to it (and he saw what his poor sister Sansa has been going through), he could step up and rule there. Even if only until Bran shows back up to help out.

4. The White Walkers Might Take Over

What if the White Walkers win the war and rule over Westeros? In a surprising twist it could turn out they are more of a democratic society; no more Kings and Queens!

5. Westeros Is Destroyed

Jon Snow cannot be king if there is no kingdom to overlook. This could happen a number of macabre ways, including The Doom of Valyeria taking over the land, and the dragons burning it all to dust.

6. He Could Die

Too real? This is my least favorite way for him to lose the throne, but he is in a lot of battles and has a ton of enemies; it wouldn't be that that crazy for him to not make it out alive.

7. Arya Takes The Throne

If Jon Snow dying is my least favorite theory, then this is my very favorite. Arya finally emerges from The House of Black and White a fighter with the ability to wear many faces. She goes to Winterfell, gathers an army and takes the Iron Throne for herself, like a boss. Sorry Jon Snow, but the idea of Queen Arya wins every time.

Images: Helen Sloan/HBO; giphy(7)