7 Foods That Can Naturally Clear Out Your System, No — You Don't Have To Do A Juice Cleanse

Sometimes, bad habits can get the best of us. Whether you drank a wee bit too much at happy hour last night or feel dragged down from the pizza and french fries you had at your best friend's birthday party, occasionally you just need to flush all those unwanted toxins out of your system. Luckily for you, you don't have to do a full-on juice cleanse to feel better. Filling up on both water and the right type of foods can help flush excess fluid and waste out of your system.

Next time you're feeling a little bloated or weighed down and want to feel refreshed, try eating one of these seven helpful foods that work to healthfully replenish you and clear out your system.

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Parlsey is one of the best natural diuretics, and it increases flow of water through the kidneys, flushing out germs or bacteria. Try blending some parsley in a green smoothie or mixing it into your salads.



This flavorful herb is a great remedy for bloating, indigestion, and water retention. Fennel can be brewed into a tea and can help get rid of your body’s excess water, sodium, and potassium content.


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Eating garlic is a great natural way to cleanse your liver. The abundant antioxidants as well as other nutrients in garlic helps protect the liver from environmental toxins, so be sure to add some chopped garlic to your meals not just for flavor, but to help your body fight waste and infection.


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Many of us have heard that you’re supposed to drink a glass of warm lemon water in the morning — but why? Lemon is a natural diuretic that helps rid your body of excess water and can help with digestion and bloating. These citrus fruits are also high in vitamin C, so they help strengthen your body’s immune system.


Like garlic, beets are a great food to help detoxify your liver. The antioxidants and naturally-occurring nitrates in beets help your blood flow smoothly throughout the body and allow more oxygen flow.

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Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory that helps clean out your liver, helps detoxify your lymphatic system, and aids in digestion. With all these positive health effects, there’s no reason not to grab some extra ginger at sushi or even brew a hearty ginger tea. Your stomach will thank you.

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Green Tea

Green tea is not only a healthy way to get in some antioxidants and hydrate, but it helps get rid of your body’s excess fluid. Studies have shown that green tea can help clean out your liver, fight cancer, and alleviate irritable bowel disease.