#PutDadInAMovie On Twitter Is Absolutely Hilarious

The trending hashtag du jour is #PutDadInAMovie, and the Internet's best dad jokes are out and in rare form. I can't lie: I was a little busy following the #NationalDonutDay trend because what I really wanted out of my day was an excuse to creep (and salivate over) a lot of donut pics. And while staring at pictures of chocolate frosted anything is essential, I also have a distinct appreciation for dad jokes, so I'm fine with changing gears on this one. The very best of this hashtag lies in perfectly syncing a dad joke with a movie title. If I stray too far to the dad jokes side of the spectrum, or get too bogged down on the movie titles, you're really just setting yourself up for failure. (Though there are worse things to fail at than your average Friday trending hashtag.)

Things we're clearly missing in this hashtag: Good Shawshank references (get your sh*t together, Twitter), Disney Channel original movie references (truly, a dad joke waiting to happen), and pictures of donuts, because the longer we're staring at these jokes, the less time we're spending thinking about all the jelly filled desires my heart has.

(Sorry, that moment's over. I'm done talking about donuts now.)

Here is your round-up of the finest #PutDadInAMovie tweets:

Every. Server's. Worst. Nightmare. (Unless they tip well)

Nailed the fusion or movie and joke.

Essential twit-pics.

Zero regrets about not seeing that movie.

I really respect people who can turn movies about bondage into dad jokes. That's an important skill to have.

Painfully accurate. Sorry, Dad.

I think this last one serves as a pleasant reminder that your dad deserves a vacation this Father's Day. It falls on June 21 this year. (Don't worry, you still have plenty of time.)