Monique Coleman's Throwback Photo Is a Reminder of How 'High School Musical' Inspired Us

Need a pick-me-up? Monique Coleman has your back, courtesy of a vintage High School Musical photo and one seriously inspiring message. (Yes, it's even more heart-warming than these LOL-worthy moments from the movie.)

The actress posted a photo of the cast circa 2006-ish. While I love seeing everyone way back when (hello, Zac Efron's shaggy hair!), the caption is what really gives me the warm-and-fuzzies.

Coleman wrote:

This photo has sooooo many memories behind it. I remember doing this photo shoot & thinking to myself "I feel like we're a part of something REALLY big", yet I was still living in my studio apartment in LA struggling to pay rent & hoping I could earn enough money babysitting to make up for the days I took off work to do press.

I didn't know then that these were going to be my cast mates for the 2 more movies, a 40 US city concert tour, a S. American concert tour, several teen choice awards, and a Billboard Award. None of us knew that 10 years later we'd be going to each other's weddings, starring on Broadway, be leads in TV Series/Films, producing, the face of ad campaigns and working with the United Nations. All we had were our dreams & each other.

You may not know what your life holds, but I'm here to tell you, it can all change in an instant! No matter your struggle, you can overcome it. Cherish the moments because in a blink it'll all be a memory.

To all the ‪#‎wildcats‬ out there....Reach. Fly. Know inside, you can make it! I believe in you.

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Image: every-girls-obsession/ Tumblr