New 'Divergent' Trailer!

Remember Shailene Woodley? That little adorable girl who once Marissa Cooper's little sister on The O.C. before Willa Holland stole her identity, then she went on to be a teenage mom on ABC Family? Right, well — when she's not busy making her own toothpaste and stuff, apparently she's turning into quite the little action star. That's judging by this anyway — the newest full-length trailer for Divergent , which is one of the only YA film adaptions that actually looks like a legitimately intelligent, entertaining film.

Unlike the first trailer, which premiered at the MTV VMAs in August, this one actually gives us all a look at what to expect from the plot of the film, as well as the degree to which Shailene Woodley and Kate Winslet are going to dominate the screen.

Running at two and a half minutes, the trailer introduces us to Tris (Woodley), who is living in a dystopian Chicago in the future, and preparing to take a test that will place her into a certain group within their society. However, when the test is administered (by Maggie Q!), the results are inconclusive, and Tris discovers that she's actually 'divergent' — in other words, she can't be placed.

These people are seen as dangers to their society, so Tris is forced to go into hiding to prevent those in charge (a.k.a., Kate Winslet, who is looking badass) from, put simply, killing her. Eventually, Tris decides to fight back and, along with a hottie named Four (Theo James), attempts to take back her freedom. It's based off of the Divergent trilogy from Veronica Roth, and seems to follow the plot pretty closely. Who would've thought Woodley could throw a realistic-looking punch?

You can check out the trailer below. Divergent is set to hit theaters on March 21, 2014.