8 Celebrities Who Look Like Exactly Like Emojis

Celebrities. They're just like us, right? Kinda, except I like to think of them as just like emojis. Call me crazy, but I associate my emojis with actual people, not cute little cartoon images I use to express my emotions. And trust me, some celebrities look just like emojis. Like, for instance, when I'm talking about Kate Middleton (which, let's face it, is always), I tend to refer to her by emoji, not name (see below). Same goes for food when my boyfriend asks me what I want for dinner, flowers when I'm helping my best friend plan her wedding, and animals when talking about my dog's vet appointments.

Now that autofill is suggesting emojis in addition to words, it makes it even easier to communicate entirely in emoticons. Sure, it's like a pictogram for the person on the other end of my texts to figure out what the hell I'm talking about, but it's way more fun for me. With every update to my phone, my picture vocabulary grows. Here are some of my favorite celebrities whom I refer to only by emoji. I'm telling you, once you see it, you won't be able to go back to using them casually in conversation. The heart-eyed smiley face, for instance, will forever and always be Lea Michelle to me.

Here are some other ones that are (hopefully) a little more obvious:

1. Elizabeth Banks

Emoji lookalike: The dancing girl in the red dress.

There's no doubt that, in that red dress, she's is 100 percent emoji.

2. Joe Jonas

Emoji lookalike: The man with the mustache.

Thankfully for Jonas, the mustache was a phase. This poor emoji guy, though, is totally stuck with that facial hair.

3. Kylie Jenner

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Emoji lookalike: The lips.

This one's a given, right?

4. Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Emoji lookalike: The blonde twins.

I'm pretty sure this emoji was literally based on the Olsen twins.

5. Kate Middleton


Emoji lookalike: The Princess Bride.

It doesn't matter how much you feel like a princess on your big day, Middleton takes the cake and deserves sole ownership of this emoji.

6. Lena Dunham And Jenni Konner

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Emoji lookalike: The two girls holding hands.

Because there's never been a better partnership between BFFs than the co-writers of Girls (and a number of other projects).

7. Orlando Bloom

Emoji lookalike: The surfer dude.

It's still a total tossup over who looks better on that surfboard.

8. Kim Kardashian West

Emoji lookalike: The ugly cry face emoji.

Sure, you may have used this emoji when you were sick to your stomach or suffering from a cough, but, now that you've seen it as Kim Kardashian's cry face, there's no way you'll ever be able to see it as anything else.