11 Jennifer Lawrence GIFs That Tell the Story of Your Weekend

Even though the weekend starts every seven days, it's always a cause for celebration. Who better to usher in our favorite time of the week than Jennifer Lawrence, Oscar winner and speaker of hilarious, often outrageous quotes? (Answer: No one.)

In her few short years in the limelight, Lawrence has provided the world (and, more importantly, the internet) with a plethora of soundbites that speak directly to our souls. (No one understands the importance of food and sweatpants like she does.) Whether she's talking about her love of pizza — which happens more frequently than you might think, goofing off with her Hunger Games co-star Josh Hutcherson or just commenting on the absurdity of Hollywood, the actress never fails to keep us in stitches.

Considering that the weekend and Jennifer Lawrence quotes rank high on my list of favorite things, I gathered the most appropriate quotes to celebrate the glorious period of time between Friday and Sunday. Let these guide you as you enjoy your two days off and begin the countdown to the next weekend. (It's always less than seven days away!)

Wind down your work week in style and let Lawrence perfectly summarize some key weekend moments. (But seriously, where's the pizza?)

Looking at the Clock on Friday Afternoon

Seriously. I thought Friday afternoon was a myth.

Making Saturday Plans

Plan everything around food. Everything.

Coming Home After a Night Out

It's a valid question.

Because Pizza Is Always the Cure

Step One: Order pizza. Step Two: Enjoy.

Nothing Is Better Than Pizza

It can even make you forget about a long week.

Getting Ready for a Night Out

Okay, not a quote. Still relevant.

Ending Up at a Karaoke Bar

Cue up "American Girl."

But Everything Turns Out Okay

Crushed it.

Talking to a Cute Guy


Back to Food

Adequate lounging time is a weekend must.

You Had a Busy, Busy Weekend

Only a few more days until you do it all over again.

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