‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 5 Villains Ranked: Who Should We Fear The Most Leading Up To The Season Finale?

Game of Thrones is a series of constant change, but there's one thing that remains constant: there's always a villain out there trying to destroy everything good in the world. In fact, there's likely more than one, and they're probably fighting each other to see who can be the worst of all. As we move ever-closer to the Season 5 finale, there are plenty of loose ends that remain untied, but there's also ever-present danger in every corner of Westeros and even across the Narrow Sea in Essos. But if we're really paying attention, we might realize that some of the most formidable bad guys of the GoT world might not be the most obvious ones.

Of course, any Game of Thrones fan knows that determining the difference between good and evil is not always so simple. After all, every character has his or her own motivations for why they do what they do; sometimes those motivations are noble and other times, not so much. Sometimes they lead good people to go bad, or bad people to get even worse, but frankly, I'm still of the opinion that the scariest villains are the ones that aren't as easily seen as such. With that in mind, it's time to break down the show's baddies as they stand now, from most formidable to least.

Ramsay Bolton

Is there any question as to who the worst person alive in all of Game of Thrones actually is right now? Because it's so obviously Ramsay Bolton that I don't even feel like I needed to put him on this list. He's absolutely vile, sadistic, and needs to basically die a lengthy and painful death for all he's done to Sansa, Reek, and basically anyone who comes into contact with him.

The Night's King

We only really met the Night's King — the ruler of the White Walkers — last week, but he is TERRIFYING. Anyone who can murder thousands of people and then reanimate them into more crazy killers is someone you should run far, far away from as fast as you can. Seriously, this guy (thing?) gives me nightmares.

Jaqen H'ghar

Here's where things get a little less obvious. For all intents and purposes, Jaqen — I'm sorry, "A Man" — is supposed to be a "good guy". He helped Arya and took her under his wing. But after last week's episode, it became clear that he's little more than a trained assassin, and he's manipulating Arya into doing his dirty work. I don't trust him, and I'm worried about what he may do next — especially considering he has the ability to CHANGE HIS FACE, so you might never know it was him doing it anyway.


Again, Littlefinger seems to be kinda okay. He did get Sansa away from King's Landing... but then he delivered her to Ramsay Bolton and left her there. Plus, he's only weirdly obsessed with her because of his thing for Catelyn, so... yeah. Someone who is so manipulative and underhanded in everything he does has more up his sleeve than we're aware of, and that glint in his eye all the time completely unnerves me. WATCH OUT FOR HIM.


Cersei was once the fiercest villain in the land, but it seems she's been taken down a few pegs in recent weeks. I still think she has it in her to rain hellfire down on everyone, and I'm hoping she makes a comeback, but for now, our dear queen isn't much of a threat.

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