How Does 'Spy' End? For Starters, Melissa McCarthy Becomes The Most Badass Spy Since James Bond

No surprise here: With their new film Spy , Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy have done it again. If you aren't in the know about this movie yet, here's a quick rundown: Spy stars comedic goddess McCarthy, and is directed by Feig, who previously worked with McCarthy on Bridesmaids and The Heat. In the film, McCarthy plays CIA agent Susan Cooper, a smart, capable agent who, despite her talents, has been relegated to the basement to provide intel and tech support to agents in the field. The agent she assists is the confident, debonair Bradley Fine (played charmingly by Jude Law), and she's basically in love with him. Of course, the decision to move Susan to the basement proves itself a mistake when she's given the opportunity to prove herself out in the field. Of course, it's not without its hilarity along the way — but trust me, by the end of Spy , it's clear how much of an amazing, girl power comedy this film is.

The movie starts with Agent Fine on a mission, in which he accidentally kills an arms dealer who has hidden a portable nuclear weapon with the intention of selling it to terrorists. With that guy dead, Fine needs to find someone who knows the location of the bomb; McCarthy leads him to the arms dealer's daughter, Rayna Boyanov (played by Rose Byrne) — but, the plan is unfortunately ruined because Rayna knew Fine was coming. Susan watches as Fine walks into a finely laid trap: Rayna murders Fine, and lets it be known that she knows the identities of all the top CIA agents.

With all of their agents unable to get close to Rayna, and a nuclear bomb on the loose, Susan fights for the chance to go out in the field and spy on Rayna. She's been in the basement her whole career, so nobody knows who she is — and she wants to avenge Fine's death. As a result, CIA big-wig Elaine Crocker (played by Allison Janney) sends her out in the field. Explosions ensue, shenanigans unfold, and Susan becomes a damn fine spy in the process.

If it sounds like a masterpiece, that's because it really, really is. But, what does the ending tell us about these characters? Does it hint at a sequel? Let's take a look:

Rayna's In Prison, Yo

Rayna may be a cold-blooded villain, but that didn't stop a makeshift friendship from blossoming between her and Susan. As the cops are pushing her giant hair into the back of a police car, Rayna has a fun little moment of bonding with McCarthy. As a villain, she totally got what she deserved, but that doesn't mean we don't have room for some quality female friendship moments in the process.

Agent Ford And Susan End Up Together?

If you stick around through the credits, you'll see a scene in which Susan wakes up in bed with Rick Ford (Statham). She may be mortified at the time, but Ford is pretty damn adamant that it was great. Maybe they won't become the greatest love story ever told (mostly because Susan is way too good for him), but it's still an amazing moment.

Bradley Fine Seems A Little Unnerved By Susan's Success As An Agent

Surprise! Agent Fine and Rayna faked his murder! She did it for the sex, he did it to make it look like he had turned his back on the CIA so he could stop the arms deal. At the end, when he sees that Susan has legitimately kicked ass and taken names, he seems just as unnerved as he is impressed. Throughout the movie, Fine constantly belittles her so as to assert his own authority: For instance, he tells her she could never be an agent — and even though he's saying it with a smile, it's clear he's a little threatened by Susan's skills. (As he should be.) When Susan's new found self-confidence leaves her considerably less enamored with her former obsession, Fine seems displeased to not have her fawning over him all of a sudden. In other words, he gets what he deserves.

Elaine Crocker Goes Back To Work

I guess agents coming back to life after faking their death is just another day at the office for ol' Elaine (Allison Janney). She shows up at the end, says, "Good job," and then it's back to the office.

Nancy (Miranda Hart) Gets With 50 Cent

For real — and they seem pretty happy together by the end! OTP alert?

Aldo (Peter Serafinowicz) Was Actually A British Agent Undercover As A Creepy Italian Agent

...or was he? After spending the entire movie trying to sleep with Susan, he approaches her at the end and with an impeccable British accent apologizes for his behavior, explaining that he was undercover and that he really gets lost in his characters sometimes. Right as Susan agrees to have dinner with him, he reverts back to the Italian accent, then back to the British — leaving everyone unsure about his true nationality.

Susan Gets To Become A Real Spy

Susan not only gets over Agent Fine, who turns out to be kind of a jerk — but she gets to become a real live field agent too. After she kills, like, a million henchmen, tracks down a nuclear bomb, and arrests Rayna, the CIA makes Susan a full-fledged spy and givers her another mission immediately. GO SUSAN.

So... can we get a sequel to this movie, now? Pretty please?

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