'Spy' Is Going to Be Your Favorite Summer Movie

There are a lot of cool movies coming out this summer. The Avengers are battling a sentient robot, Chris Pratt is going to make Jurassic Park fun again, and Pixar is giving us an original movie instead of a sequel (huzzah!), but your favorite movie of the summer and mine is going to be Melissa McCarthy's Spy . It is not part of a franchise and it is not animated; Spy is just a good old-fashioned espionage comedy starring one of the funniest women on the planet and it happens to be directed by the man who gave us Bridesmaids (and The Heat!), Paul Feig. You are beginning to see why I'm convinced we are all going to be madly in love with this movie now, right?

As if Feig and McCarthy teaming up once again was not enough to get us on board, Spy boasts an insanely stellar cast of comedians and action stars including Jude Law, Jason Statham, Miranda Hart in her Hollywood debut, Allison Janney, and Rose Byrne (McCarthy's Bridesmaids' costar). On top of the laundry list of actors we love, the movie also has a nifty premise. Spy is like a James Bond origin story if Moneypenny had decided to become the next Bond. McCarthy's Susan is a CIA analyst who sees her dreams of going into the field come true when Law and Statham's covers are blown. This is basically all I have ever wanted from a movie about spies.

If you still need more reasons after watching the hilarious trailer, I have some. Let me show them to you:

McCarthy & Hart Are Playing BFFs

Hart is one of Britain's greatest gifts to America. She is in actuality better than Benedict Cumberbatch. Feig thinks Hart is so amazing he created her Spy role just for her. Given both McCarthy and Hart have a similar style of humor that vacillates between confident hilarity and self-deprecating slapstick, there is no doubt in my mind they will light up the screen together as best friends.

Susan Is Totally Going To Save Everyone

Statham's character does a lot of posturing about his spy skills in the trailer, but when he tries to convince Susan he is trying save her as they dangle off a plane, it's clear Susan is the one in charge. Underdog stories are the best stories. Given the fact Susan has always wanted to be a spy, getting to see her save the day is going to be thrilling to watch.

Partners In Spying &... Love?

McCarthy's film characters rarely ever get any romantic action (aside from the sweet romance with Mark Duplass in Tammy), and while I certainly don't need relationship drama to enjoy a movie, it would be nice to see McCarthy's Bond-ish character get a Susan Guy. My vote for that guy is obviously Law. Their chemistry is so adorable, I almost cannot take it. The part in the trailer where Susan pops a hand towel in her mouth and Law still looks smitten slays me. Plus, who doesn't love the partners in love trope?

Rose Byrne Gets To Be A Bad Guy

Byrne is underrated as a comedic actress, and possibly just in general. She not only gets to be funny in Spy, she gets to be the scary, big bad arms dealer. Watching McCarthy versus Byrne is going to be one of the summer's best match-ups.

Spy Comedies Are Like Regular Spy Movies Only Better

James Bond, Jason Bourne, and all of those other spy guys are fun in their gritty dramas, but spy comedies take the genre to a whole other level. Our Man Flint, Men in Black, the original Get Smart— they are all a blast. Now we have a spy movie starring McCarthy who just nails everything she does. It is going to be an instant classic.

Feig Loves Us And Wants Us To Have Nice Things

Feig is one of the most feminist directors in Hollywood. He gave us Bridesmaids, The Heat, now Spy, and soon an all female Ghostbusters. The man has major respect for female actresses of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. He has not steered us wrong yet. I believe Spy might even top his previous efforts, and I cannot give the movie higher praise than that.

Trust me, by the end of the summer we will all still be quoting Spy.

Spy hits theaters June 5.

Images: 20th Century Fox (3), Giphy (3), Rebloggy