Could 'Gossip Girl' Have Been Chuck Bass?

by Maggie Malach

Spoiler alert: Despite the infinite number of times fans heard Ed Westwick utter his character's signature phrase, "I'm Chuck Bass," he never once admitted to being Gossip Girl. However, that didn't stop his co-star, Jessica Szohr — who played Vanessa on the series — from thinking the billionaire bad boy was secretly the anonymous blogger. Even though the show went in an entirely different direction (naming Dan Humphrey as Gossip Girl), I kind of agree that it's totally possible.

"I was shocked!" Szhor told People of when she found out who Gossip Girl actually was. "I kind of thought it was going to be Chuck Bass the whole time, but then it was kind of too on the nose, so I think they did a good job surprising everyone."

While Szohr, who played Dan Humphrey's BFF, doesn't anticipate a reunion ("I think it would be cool for us to get together and talk to our fans. I wouldn't be opposed to that, but I feel like it's really hard to get us all together, so I don't see it happening"), that doesn't stop me from considering her Chuck theory pretty legit.

Aside from the basic clues, such as Chuck's unlimited financial resources and bad boy persona, there are some times the show definitely hinted he could be the face behind the name. Don't believe me? See for yourself!

When Gossip Girl Went On Hiatus Following Blair's Miscarriage

Chuck even says that a downside to Gossip Girl's silence is that he has no new info on Blair.

When Gossip Girl Tried To Help Nate Expose The Truth Behind Chuck and Blair's Car Accident

Gossip Girl would know if Gossip Girl was SOMEONE ACTUALLY INVOLVED IN THE CRASH. Aka, Chuck.

When Chuck Tells Gossip Girl That He Hooked Up With Blair To Break Up Her And Nate


When Gossip Girl Appears To Have Taken The Summer Off — Right After Chuck's Accident

It's kind of hard to spread gossip when you're in a blue-collar apartment in Paris that isn't equipped with Wi-Fi, I guess.

When Gossip Girl's Graduation Blast Brought Chuck And Blair Together

And gave us one of the best moments of the show.

When Gossip Girl Leaked Blair's Confession During Her Wedding

Even Gossip Girl shipped Chair — could it have been because Gossip Girl was the 'Ch' in "Chair"?!

When Chuck Bass Reminded Everyone He's "Chuck Bass"

You know, just in case they might suspect his true identity.

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