If A 'Gossip Girl' Reunion Happens, These 7 Plots Would Be Perfect For It

Despite the fact that Gossip Girl ended its run on The CW in only two and a half years ago, I know I can't be the only one who misses it dearly. Personally, my post-Gossip Girlworld is a bit dimmer, thanks to the absence of Kristen Bell's snarky voiceovers, Serena's flawless fashion and Chuck and Blair's goals-worthy relationship. The cast moved on with their lives (Leighton Meester is expecting a baby! Blake Lively is designing jumpsuits!), but the cold, hard truth is I haven't. Naturally, when Big Morning Buzz Live asked Jessica Szohr about a Gossip Girl reunion, my heart raced faster than Little J's at a sample sale. Unfortunately, it looks like V isn't on board to rejoin her former UES cohorts.

“I don’t think so,” Szohr said, when asked if the reunion was a possibility. “I’m gonna be honest ... I don’t know, I mean maybe. Down the line.”

The one glimmer of hope in this devastating news is that Szohr revealed that she's still close with some member of the cast and that she's “cool with everyone when [they] see each other.”

In true Upper East Side fashion, I'm taking talk of a reunion and running with it. I can't help it that I'm already imaging the amazing plot lines the show could tackle. Want to wax nostalgic with me? Let's take a look at all of the incredible things that could happen in a GG reunion.


Gossip Girl

Two Words: Henry Bass.

In the Gossip Girl finale, it was revealed that Chuck and Blair not only went on to have the perfect townhouse, but the cutest kid ever: Henry. This kid seriously needs his own show, but I'll settle for him ruling the first grade at his elite private school.

Georgina And Jack

One of the true tragedies of Gossip Girl (besides Blair's underwhelming hair when she married Louis), is that Georgina Sparks and Jack Bass didn't get together until the show's last episode. How did the writers manage to give Serena an imposter for a cousin, but overlook what's clearly the second-best couple in the series? To be honest, I'm not worthy of even suggesting a plot line for these two, but it needs to happen.

Little J As A Designer

The finale also revealed that Jenny Humphrey eventually works with Blair in the fashion world, and even has her own line with Waldorf Designs. I'd love nothing more to see some of Little J's looks, right down to the heavy-handed eye makeup that would accompany them. Also, it would be nice to see Blair finally lifting her ban on Jenny living in New York, because come on, that was a ridiculous ban from the start.

Serena Finds Her Place

Over the course of six seasons, Serena bounced around from ill-fitting job to ill-fitting job. (She wasn't awful working in the movie industry, but I'm still trying to forget about when she somehow worked on Tripp van der Bilt's political campaign.) Part of Serena's charm is that it's impossible to dislike her, so here's hoping that she found a career that suits her.

Where Are Dorota's Kids?

Blair's maid/confidant/spy Dorota was one of the best parts of Gossip Girl. She and Blair were pregnant at the same time, which means her kids and Henry Bass totally need to have playdates. I sense the second coming of the good ol' Constance Billard/ St. Jude's gang.

Bring Back Hilary

Hilary Duff's character, famous actress Olivia Burke, was the perfect counterpart for Dan. Sure, he had to screw it up with that OMGG-worthy threesome, but I still like Duff. More importantly, I want Olivia to return to the Upper East Side after winning an Academy Award.

The Return of Gossip Girl

Someday Dan's tenure as "author of the next Great American Novel" will end and he will rightfully reclaim his throne as Gossip Girl. Or, maybe the show will reveal that Gossip Girl was actually Veronica Mars all along? SO MANY POSSIBILITIES.

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