18 Lana Del Rey Covers That Will Blow Your Mind

You might love Lana Del Rey's music but I believe you can't fully appreciate her talent until you see other people try to pull of Lana's songs. We all love LDR for her beautiful, unique voice but it took perusing some Lana Del Rey covers to make me realize just how incredibly special her voice is. Though no one could ever hold a candle to Lana Del Rey, there are some truly talented individuals in the world who have taught me that, though only Lana pulls of Lana, there are still some phenomenal Lana Del Rey covers out there that will blow your mind.

You can find hundreds of covers of Lana Del Rey songs on YouTube that are, let's face it, pretty terrible. That's not to knock the brave souls daring to cover her, either. These are talented people we're talking about but Lana Del Rey is just not a sound that many people can emulate with success.

Thus, the people who can pull off a Lana Del Rey song stand out from the crowd pretty quickly. It is no small feat to sing a Lana Del Rey song and do her voice justice. To understand just what I'm talking about here, you have to see for yourself. So check out these 18 Lana Del Rey covers that will prove that, though no one can outdo Lana Del Rey, the people who come close are truly spectacular.

Natalie Lungley- "Born To Die"

It's hard to pull off Lana's sultry sound but Natalie Lungley comes pretty close.

Miley Cyrus- "Summertime Sadness"

Miley's cover game is strong (like we're suprised).

Alice Kristiansen- "Brooklyn Baby"

Those high notes though... This girl absolutely kills it.

Toby Randall- "Video Games"

I can't even fathom what it would be like to be so talented at such a young age.

Holly Maezers- "Blue Jeans"

You have to have a unique voice to pull of LDR and this girl definitely puts her own spin on Lana's soulful sound.

Danelle Sandoval- "Young and Beautiful"

An incredible cover by Bustle's own Danelle Sandoval.

Grace Vardell- "West Coast"

Another insanely talented young human.

Megan Zaporteza- "Florida Kilos"

Cover (and wings) on fleek.

LifeWithPablo- "Pretty When You Cry"

One of the most unique voices I've ever heard.

Eli Lieb- "Ride"

Seriously debated leaving this guy my number in a YouTube comment.

Highland Habits- "Shades Of Cool"

Lana gets grunged up.

James Vincent McMorrow- "West Coast"

James Vincent McMorrow always sounds phenomenal but I particularly love his rendition of my girl Lana.

Aston- "Born To Die"

Lana Del Rey gets a classical makeover and it's absolutely breathtaking.

Brandon Dougherty- "Body Electric"

This is an interesting twist on LDR's "Body Electric." It makes feel weird and I'm not sure if it's in a good way but it's worth a listen either way.

Kelsey Snowdon- Katy Perry & Lana Del Rey Mashup ("Dark Horse" and "Jealous Girl")

Lana Del Rey gets the mashup treatment.

Carlos Blasco- "Bel Air"

A killer piano cover that will instantly relax you.

Madilyn Bailey- "Summertime Sadness"

This girl is so incredibly talented.

Ilaria Fabbri- "Once Upon A Dream"

This girl absolutely slays those low notes.