Amy Schumer Explains That Kimye Moment & In The Process, Proves She's Just Like The Rest Of Us

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are Hollywood royalty, so when Amy Schumer threw herself down in front Kimye on the Time 100 Gala's red carpet, it was pretty much just showing reverence, right? Not quite: The comedian recently explained the story behind her hilarious — and intentional! — wipeout, and, turns out, her reasoning is slightly different than originally thought. Schumer stopped by The Graham Norton Show on June 5, where she spilled the story behind the prank. In short, she was overwhelmed by the presence of Kimye. (Understandable.)

"You know when you're doing interviews and the person sees somebody more important behind you — which is always for me. It's like being at a party and there's a hotter girl behind you and ... they just want you to drop dead," she explained. "So I saw the reporter do that and all of the reporters were going crazy," she added. "And it was Kim and Kanye. Just standing there, just like, owning it, being like, short and important. And I think falling is the funniest thing, so I took a dive in front of them. I'm doing God's work."

Luckily, Schumer also clarified what happened next. More specifically, that Kanye seemed none too pleased by the stunt.

"He did not crack a smile at any point," she said. "I talked to them after ... and Kanye was smiling at me, but like, as if you programmed a robot to smile ... There's no way that either of them had any idea who I am. That was comforting."

No worries, though: The awkward encounter isn't bringing Schumer down. In fact, she pointed to the photo of herself struggling to stand up and declared, "But look how I look like a Pantene ad! I look pretty good."

And that is how you brush off a Kimye diss.

You can watch Schumer explain the red carpet prank in the video below.

Image: Getty Images