The 'Gilmore Girls' Reunited & The Pics Are Here

After seeing these pictures, I can officially say it: the Gilmore Girls' cast has aged like a fine wine, or cheese, or The Godfather. As most fans probably know by now, the cast of the series, as well as creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, are reuniting in Austin for the ATX Festival's Gilmore Girls reunion panel Saturday night — and pictures are already trickling in. Oh what a glorious sight those pictures are, too. Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Emily Bishop, Scott Patterson, Jared Padalecki, and Sherman-Palladino all reunited for the group hug to end all group hugs in one shot, while, Liza Weil and Danny Strong took a pic together that will give you all the Paris/Doyle feels (especially since they look every inch the power couple I know I always imagined they would one day be).

Looking at these photos brought up a ton of emotions for me — some of them expected, and others, not so much. This reunion has been a long time coming, and seeing the Gilmore Girls gang back together again — some of them for the first time in years — is a huge deal. Before you look at the pics, you should prepare yourself, because the feelings factor is off the charts. Not only will these photos possibly reignite old 'shipper feelings, but they will also make your heart ache for Stars Hollow again.

Even if it's only for one day, it's nice to know the Gilmores are still there for each other. Now, onto the pics (and all the emotions they are guaranteed to make you feel)!

1. Lorelai and Rory's Instagrams Would Have Been EPIC

OK, see how Graham and Bledel are taking a selfie? Now imagine a world where Rory and Lorelai had Instagrams. There would be so many food pics and silly selfies (because they would only take ironic selfies, of course). The lack of technology at the time Gilmore Girls was on robbed us fans of these wonders — but at least Graham and Bledel can give us a taste of what Lorelai and Rory's selfie game would have been like.

2. Emotional Blackout Because Seeing Rory And Lorelai Together Is Too Much

OMG, Rory and Lorelai are together again. Everything is beautiful. They are beautiful. Seriously, this is as good as life is ever going to get. Look at their faces!

3. A New-Found Appreciation For Dean

I know I always under-appreciated Padalecki when he was on Gilmore Girls, but he has grown up nicely. (I'm not drooling or anything, what are you talking about?. I am also not wondering what adult Dean and Rory would be like as I stare at the picture for way too long. CAN I LIVE?)

4. A Forlorn Sense Of Emptiness, Because Luke Isn't Wearing A Hat

Patterson looks so Luke-like! He's wearing jeans and a simple shirt — but wait. Where is the hat?! Luke without his baseball cap always leaves me feeling like something important is missing.

5. The Need To Give Bishop And Sherman-Palladino A Standing Ovation

These amazing ladies participated in not just one, but two epic shows together. The combined amazingness of Bishop and Sherman-Palladino is almost too much to handle. They wowed me on Gilmore Girls, and then they wowed me on Bunheads — so much so, that even though I am sitting at my computer desk and they have no clue who I am, just seeing them together makes me want to clap.

6. A Deep Desire To See Lorelai And Luke Married

Graham and Patterson have their arms around each other — and in response, I am a writer and I have no idea how to type what I'm feeling. All I know is, if we never get a scripted reunion, I will forever be pretending this is a family portrait because Luke and Lorelai are married in my head forever and always.

7. Sheer Giddiness Because Paris and Doyle Are Still the Cutest

Look at those two! Still totally a power couple through and through. They are still super cute (but also too intimidating to ever call cute to their faces).

8. Sadness For the Gilmore Who Isn't There

It is impossible not to look at that beautiful picture and not think about Grandpa Gilmore. The late Edward Herrman is always in my thoughts, but it is especially true today. May he rest in peace.

9. Gratitude

Gilmore Girls has given me and all of its fans so much happiness over the years. Let's be real, the cast and Sherman-Palladino did not have to get together to give us this beautiful reunion, but they did. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to see them all together again. This cast is now — and always will be— an amazing group of people, and I could not be more thankful for them if I tried.

Images: Warner Bros. Television (2); Giphy (8)