All The Awkward Tonys Moments — Because Live Television Never Goes Off Without A Hitch

When dealing with live performances, complicated dance routines, adorably corny presentations, and celebrities who just look a little out of place on the Tony Awards stage, awkward moments are inevitable. Thankfully at Sunday night's telecast of the Tony Awards, the awesome moments outweighed the awkward ones all thanks to the brilliance of the theatre just in general. I love the theatre, and sometimes musicals, dancing, and a little bit of corniness is the answer to all of our problems. Plus who doesn't love the hilarious and sometimes endearingly awkward duo of Tonys sweetheart Kristin Chenoweth and Tonys badass/all-around cool person Alan Cumming? Sure sometimes things go wrong, sometimes things aren't as smooth and perfect as you went them to be but hey, that's live theatre for you. These are just some small hiccups in an overall, entertaining night at the theatre.

Throughout the night, Cumming and Chenoweth kept the proceedings running smoothly and quickly (sometimes too quickly) and the performances from the Tonys-nominated casts were incredible, as expected. These are just a few bumps in the road on a unsurprisingly fun-filled, gorgeous night that makes me wish I could have taken a few more years of dance and theatre classes. Sorry mom.

1. The Weird Opening Number Transition

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After a rather light opening number where Chenoweth and Cumming didn't spend much time onstage putting on a huge show with high-flying acrobatics and a crazy spectacle, the two hosts had a rather uncomfortable transition from opening number to the first performance of the night for the musical Something Rotten. The actors of Something Rotten killed it, but I just wish audiences could have had the proper finish and beginning for both performances!

2. Chenoweth & Cumming Re-Create The King & I

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In a rather hilarious moment that was also a tad awkward, the Tonys hosts recreated the just-finished performance of The King and I with Cumming as Anna and Chenoweth coming out of Cumming's dress as the King. Thankfully the hosts didn't continue the recreation too long because that would have crossed the border from hilariously awkward to totally uncomfortable, and it would not have been as entertaining to watch. This was just funny enough.

3. Same Dress Dilemma

Whoops. Looks like Anna Chlumsky and Debra Messing didn't plan out their time onstage together.

4. The Play-Off Music

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What's with the weird drumline-esque music that played off Ruthie Ann Miles when she took home the award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical for The King and I? That was completely out of place, Tony producers.

5. Nick Jonas & Jennifer Lopez Should Not Have Been Given Presenting Duties

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No offense to Nick Jonas and Jennifer Lopez but when they presented the Finding Neverland performance with Kiesza, they did not do a great job. Aside from having terrible timing, they looked uninterested in their duties and it was just completely unpleasant to watch.

6. They Played Off The Best Musical Winner... For A Strange Jersey Boys Performance

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When Fun Home won Best Musical the orchestra played the winning speech givers out, and, while it was rude, it was running close to 11 p.m. so I understood. But, then the show launched into a Jersey Boys performance right after that, complete with casts from several musicals sway-dancing on stage. It felt like a weird wedding dance floor mashup, and odd to place at the end in a slot that should have been given to the winners of Best Musical. Fortunately the Fun Home cast and crew refused to be played off anyway and still delivered their full speech prior to Jersey Boys, so I guess everyone won.

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