Ryan Gosling & 'Bachelorette' Shawn B. Are Twins

by Sara Steinfeld

At this point, everyone's got a favorite Bachelorette contestant, right? I mean, I was already emotionally invested in a few of them after the premiere, so you can imagine how much my affection has grown for my precious little love-seekers. If you're curious, my frontrunners are Ben H., Ben Z., Cupcake Chris, and Shawn B. I'm pretty convinced that one of the four is going to end up as the next Bachelor. But, we're not here to talk about the future right now. No, there are more pressing matters at hand: Namely the fact that Bachelorette contestant Shawn B. may be Ryan Gosling's long lost twin.

There have actually been a few celebrity comparisons where Shawn B. is concerned. Many out there think he's pretty Calvin Harris-esque. While I can certainly see it, I don't know that it would be my go-to comparison, mostly because if word gets out that they kinda-sorta-maybe look alike, Taylor Swift will probably try to swoop in and steal him away to a mansion "Blank Space"-style. No, Ryan Gosling is the right comparison move, because really, Ryan Gosling is always the right move. Let's break down the similarities one by one, shall we? I think we shall.

1. The Face

First, a little refresher course. Here's Shawn B.'s cute little punim (that's "face," for all you non-Jews out there):

Precious! Now, let's look at Gossy. (We're pretty tight so I can call him that without it being weird):


Come on now. Try though you might, you really can't deny that these two have more than a few similar features. The angular jaw, the perfect scruff, the lovely coiffed hair? It's all there. But, you might need some more convincing, so let's keep on keepin' on!

2. The Body

This is probably going to be my favorite part of this comparison because #thethirstisreal. First up, Shawn B.:

That random jerkosaurus (just kidding, he might be a very friendly fellow) is trying to block the beauty of Shawn B.'s toned physique, but we were not fooled. Now, take a few deep breaths, and when you're ready, take a look at Ryan:

ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?? And also, ARE THEY NOT THE SAME HUMAN? Two humans with such equally glorious bods should not exist on one planet, and yet, here we are.

3. The "Suit Up!" Look

Is there any greater joy than looking at a man in a suit? Let's find out! Here's Shawn B.:

It's niiiiiice, right? Ryan's turn!

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

I think I'm gonna need a minute alone with my thoughts. Maybe I'll call my parents. You know, reevaluate some of my life choices.

4. The Quotes

It's not enough that they look alike — they even sound alike, both in their voices and the things that they say. Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

And, of course, Exhibit C, for posterity:

It's like Shawn B. was ripped right out of a Nicholas Sparks movie where Ryan Gosling is the star. I don't really know what else you could want out of life at this point.

And, there you have it! A scientific case study that confirms that Ryan Gosling and Shawn B. are, in fact, the same human. If Kaitlyn doesn't pick him, I'm sure he'll be OK.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC; Craig Sjodin/ABC; Getty Images; sunflowersandsearchinghearts/Tumblr; Giphy (2)