Zayn Malik Dyed His Hair Green And Made #GreenHairDontCare The Official Cool Kid 'Do

If leaving the biggest boy band on the planet and shaving off his silky black locks weren't enough of a way for him to assert his individuality, Zayn Malik dyed his hair green, making a pretty strong statement that, well, he does what he wants. Both he and fiancee Perrie Edwards look pleased, if not slightly amused, with the change in an Instagram post that Edwards shared Saturday. But I need to know the story here: Did they do it themselves? Was a dare involved? Is it temporary?

More importantly, with Jared Leto's green hair and now Malik sporting grassy tresses: Is green hair this summer's big hair trend for dudes?

There's that common (and slightly annoying, at this point) saying that a woman who changes her hair is about to change her life. I think that it should be, "A One Direction member who changes his life is about to change his hair." Leaving the band, starting his solo career, and getting engaged are all pretty huge things — so what's a little hair dye?

As a Kool-Aid hair dyer in high school, I can attest that dying your hair a ridiculous color is definitely part of being an average adolescent — which is apparently one of the reasons Malik left 1D anyways.

Keep doing you, Zayn.

Images: perrieeele/Instagram