Jared Leto Shows Of His New Green Hair

When everyone was dying their hair blonde, I really hoped it was for a bigger purpose than to be Kim K.'s twin. And now that I'm seeing Jared Leto's green hair, I totally understand why he had to go down the platinum road, first. I have to say, I like this so much more than I did the blonde.

In order to truly transform into the Joker for his upcoming film, Suicide Squad, Leto had to go all the way green. And the film's producer, David Ayer, gave us all a little glimpse of Leto's new look in an Twitter homage to "The Killing Joke" which, if you're a true Bat-fan, know exactly how spot-on he was.

I personally have a little thing for Leto. I don't know if it's his beard, or his his long hair, or his freaky blue eyes, but it's something. And seeing him with this green hair is really doing it for me. But just like Christina Aguilera's potential new hair change, I want to know how long it'll last. Can someone like Leto really live with green hair? I mean, I couldn't, but then again, I'm definitely not famous. Or Kylie Jenner.

Aside from the cool new color, I really liked how much Leto's picture resembled the original shot of "The Killing Joke." It's great when actors get totally immersed in their new role; it just makes me want to see the film that much more.

And in case you forgot what his platinum blonde look looked like...

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