Man Called 911 To Remove A Cat From His House, And 911 Was Appropriately Confused

The Internet may think that cats are the greatest thing ever (which they most definitely are), but not everyone agrees. As hard as it may be to believe that anyone could hate the little fluff balls, the man who called 911 to remove a cat from his house probably isn't as big a fan as the rest of us. Yes, you read that right — a cat managed to terrorize a couple so much that they were actually driven out of their house by the feline. In other news, a local cat has achieved every feline's wildest dreams. (I'm basically the ultimate cat lady, but even I realize that my cat is probably just biding his time until I kick the bucket and he's named the next Supreme.)

According to Mashable, a cat in Stamford, Connecticut, harassed its owners to the point that they were afraid to enter the house. They were so terrified, in fact, that they felt the need to call 911 for help removing the cat from the premises. Unfortunately for the couple, however, the 911 operator thought that this was just as hilarious as it sounds. "So, you want police to come and remove the cat?" they asked, as if saying the request out loud would make it less ridiculous.

<img width="726" alt="cat animated GIF " src="" height="450" class="article-body-image" title="Image:"/>To make the situation even better, this all happened at 1:30 a.m., after the 7.5 pound cat had apparently kept her owners out of the house for three hours."It's aggressive and so mad," the man told 911 over the phone. The cat had given birth to kittens the night before, according to Fox News, which was most likely what made her so touchy. Eventually, the couple made it back inside the house with the help of police officers, who advised them to give the cat some spacefor the rest of the night. You can check out the 911 call in all its hilarity below:

Image: Giphy