Where Is Gendry on 'GoT'?

Game of Thrones is a divisive show, but I think there is one thing everyone can agree on: Game of Thrones needs to give us a Gendry update. Gendry was last seen rowing off in a sailboat even though he couldn't sail or swim. Ser Davos sprung him from the dungeon of Dragonstone to keep Melisandre and Stannis from sacrificing Gendry to the Lord of Light. That was in Season 3, you guys. Seriously, where is Gendry?

It is rare for important characters to leave the landscape alive, but somehow Gendry managed to be one of the lucky ones. Sure, he was least seen sailing toward King's Landing with little food, water, or knowledge of navigation, but Gendry is resilient. He already survived the hunt for Robert's bastards, being tortured at Harrenhal, being sold by the Brotherhood Without Banners, and Melisandre's creepy sacrificial goals. He is a basically the living embodiment of Destiny's Child's "Survivor" — so what gives? After everything he went through with Arya, discovering his lineage, and becoming a certified fan favorite, Gendry just rowed off into the sunset never to be seen again? I am not OK with that.

Book fans know Gendry shows up again, but in a storyline that appears to have been scrapped by the show. Since the Thrones writers are making their own rules now, Gendry could pop up anywhere, anytime. Maybe. Until he returns to the canvas, I am left with no choice but to imagine what Gendry has been up to since he left.

1. Working In The Forge At King's Landing

After all of his adventures, no one could blame Gendry for just wanting to go home again. Cersei has been more than a little busy the past few seasons, which means finding Gendry is no longer at the top of her priority list. King's Landing is in a constant state of turmoil, so no one would really notice if Gendry resumed his old post as in the forge — or even took the place over if his old boss left King's Landing after the Battle of Blackwater. He could totally be lying low, learning his trade, and enjoying not having people try to murder him at every turn.

2. He Took A Wrong Turn And Ended Up In Braavos

Let's be real here, Davos' directions were more than a little vague. Follow the star? Sure, that sounds good if you are a lifelong seaman, but if you have never been in a boat before that's like telling someone to spin around in a circle really fast and just start walking in whatever direction they're facing when they stop. With that in mind, Gendry definitely could have ended up somewhere unexpected like, say, Braavos for instance.

If Gendry did somehow end up in Braavos he could easily bump into Arya during her intensive assassin training. With Arya on the verge of losing her sense of self, wouldn't now be the perfect time to reunite her with Gendry? He always kept her grounded before, and these two crazy kids need to meet again anyway.

3. He Has Been Making His Way To Winterfell

As far as Gendry knows, Arya was on her way back to her family. Now, a lot has happened since then, but Gendry could hold out hope that somehow Arya made it home. The Riverlands and The North are utter madhouses, so I would buy it taking Gendry two seasons to reach his destination. If he did show up at Winterfell and discover Arya's sister was married to Ramsay Bolton, then I have no doubt he would team up with Brienne and Pod to get Sansa out of there.

This would also get Gendry close to his story in the books, but in a much more pleasant way.

4. He Ran Into Salladhor Saan And He's A Pirate Now

The chances that Gendry got himself lost at sea are pretty good. What character spends a lot of time on the sea? Saan, of course. Davos's pirate "friend" could have found Gendry and taught the sturdy lad the ways of pirating, Westeros style. I think Gendry would be more of a Robin Hood-style pirate, so the idea that he might be proficient enough to command his own ship makes me all kinds of giddy. Is that a fan fiction? That should definitely be a fan fiction.

5. He's Feeding the Hungry Children Left Without Parents Thanks To The War

No, seriously, this is what he is doing in the books (one of the things, anyway) because Gendry is an actual prince among men.

6. He Is Reunited With Hot Pie

Somehow Gendry found his way back to Hot Pie. Now Hot Pie bakes at the inn and Gendry repairs horse shoes and the like. They are totally best bros and nothing bad ever happens to them.

7. He's Heading to The Wall

All Gendry wants is a family to call his own. Going to The Wall wasn't his choice the first time, but maybe it will be this time. His noble heart would make him one of Jon's best men, and viewers would be treated to Gendry kicking White Walker butt. Plus, Arya's two favorite people would be in one location, so she could easily find them later. I think this one is a win-win for everyone concerned.

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