7 'Pretty Little Liars' Andrew Clues That Prove The Charles Suspect Is On The A Team

At this point, Pretty Little Liars fans are pretty much all agreed on the fact that Andrew Campbell isn't Charles DiLaurentis, right? For like a show that thrives on acrobatic, Escherian plotlines, it would just be too... obvious (so obvious, in fact, that if he turned out to be the real A, there would probably be riots... on Tumblr). Sure, the show and the ever-incompetent Rosewood PD are doing their best to make him look as guilty as possible, but let's be real. At this point, his whole existence is kind of one major capital-R, capital-H Red Herring (or at least, it'd better be).

So, even though most of us PLL fans are convinced that the whole "Andrew is Charles" thing is way too easy for a show that boasts some of the most convoluted storylines this side of Lost and Twin Peaks, there's still no denying the fact that the dude is seriously suspicious — and just because he's not Charles, it doesn't mean he's not involved at all. He could still be pretty much anyone from Varjack to Uber A (though Red Coat is probably Sara Harvey, right?). Basically, I'm going to hazard a guess that Rosewood's suspicious, handsome nerd is at the very least A-adjacent — and here are seven reasons why.

1. IMK Says He's Important

In an oft-quoted interview with The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner I. Marlene King hinted that Andrew might be integral to Season 6. She said, "there are three brainiacs in Rosewood: Spencer, Mona and Andrew Campbell, and that's a very important thing to keep in mind." And we all know King's word is gospel, right?

2. His Handwriting Is... Familiar

As Tumblr user koystee points out, Andrew's journal is written in a similar hand to Bethany's letter to Ali. If you look closely, there are minor differences (overall, Bethany's letters are more rounded), but it's still suspicious — I mean, I think most of us can agree that Fall Guy Andrew probably didn't write the super-incriminating journal entry. But could it mean that the same person has planted notes for him and Bethany?

3. This Deleted Scene Makes Him About 150 Precent More Creepy

Pretty Little Liars on YouTube

Dude comes into people's houses without knocking. FISHY AS ALL HECK.

4. He Probably Rigged Mike's Weights...

I mean, right? Andrew just so happens to see Mike being a jerk to Aria, someone just so happens to loosen the screws on Mike's weight machine — it just adds up. And if he is the one who sabotaged Mike's exercise equipment, who knows what else he's capable of?

5. He Might've Used Ezra & Caleb For Target Practice

Andrew might even be capable of, you know, firing some arrows at people. Lots of fans have been quick to point out that archery seems like a likely hobby for the extracurricular-loving Andrew — plus, he told Aria he was a Scout Pathfinder, and that's the kind of camp Ezra, Caleb, and Mike were in when they were attacked.

6. He's Suspiciously Well-Prepared

Remember that time Aria made Andrew drive her and Emily to meet up with Cyrus Petrillo, then promptly banished him? And right when things started to get hairy, Andrew magically appeared wielding a baseball bat? Yeah, that was no coincidence. Whether he was able to save the day thanks to his super-invasive phone-tapping, or because he had a secret deal worked out with fellow A minion Cyrus, there's definitely something going on.

7. Sasha Pieterse Says He's Involved

Sasha Pieterse recently gave the most spoiler-y conference call ever. It was filled with tantalizing clues and hints, and even when she demurred from outright answering a good chunk of the questions, she still managed to dish some dirt on Andrew.

Andrew is a weird component in all of this. I can't really tell you if he's Charles or not, but he definitely has something. It might not be what you think it is, but he's really cool. He came out of nowhere.

She also added that fans "should" be suspicious of him, and that "fans will enjoy the outcome of what happens to Andrew for sure."

What do you think? Is Andrew Charles? Varjack? Big A? Uber A? A mere A minion? I'm fine with him being pretty much any of the above, but if it turns out all his creepy surveillance is just to "protect" the girls, I'm going to flip some tables.

Images: Eric McCandless; Giphy (6); prettylittleliarsxxxx /Tumblr