Bryan Cranston In 'Breaking Bad: The Musical'?!

Is Heisenberg a song-and-dance man?! Apparently he is, since during the 2015 Tony Awards Red Carpet coverage, Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston said he wants to be in a musical. And George Takei (who was also on the red carpet for the Tonys) tweeted the most fantastic idea ever: That Cranston should star in a Breaking Bad musical. Walter White — it's time for you to get on the Great White Way.

Red carpet host Darren Criss got Cranston to reveal that ever since he saw Hair as a child, he's wanted to be in a Broadway musical, even if he isn't really a singer or dancer. Cranston won a Tony last year for lead actor in play as President Lyndon Johnson in All the Way. But Takei made the connection that Cranston should bring his most famous role to Broadway. Imagine a really epic dance number to represent a meth cooking montage in the desert. Or Skyler belting a song about the frustrations of being the most-hated woman on TV. While Walter and Jesse Pinkman would take on most of the drama for the musical, Badger and Skinny Pete would be there for comedic relief as Jesse Pinkman's cronies.

Clearly, this Breaking Bad: The Musical needs to happen with Cranston starring. Maybe the Broadway theater that debuted the stage version of the AMC show could even serve Los Pollos Hermanos at intermission.