Neil Patrick Harris Mentions His Oscars Lockbox At The Tonys & It's Wonderful He Can Mock Himself — VIDEO

Earlier this year, host with the most Neil Patrick Harris stumbled as emcee of the Oscars. He got a ton of flack for weird puns, awkward jokes, and, most of all, his too-long, unfunny joke about his predictions lockbox that he made Octavia Spencer watch. But there's no hard feelings, because NPH mocked his lockbox joke during the Tony Awards on Sunday night. A four-time host of the show and the winner of a Tony, Harris stepped back onto the stage at Radio City Music Hall to present an award. Naturally, he addressed the elephant in the room — his flop as an Oscars host — in the best possible way.

"Before I present the next award, earlier in the night I made some predictions in that locked box over there," he joked, showing that he can totally make fun of himself and cut the tension. Unfortunately, the Tonys' favorite host didn't sing nor dance. He merely presented the award and went on his way. Perhaps the Oscars failure has taken a lot out of him. Maybe he didn't want to steal the thunder of this year's Tony hosts Alan Cumming and Kristin Chenoweth, who were doing a fun, but weird job. No matter what, it was great to see him again, even if just for a few minutes.

NPH showing up at the Tonys and mocking himself, though, shows a ton of courage and I think totally redeems his odd performance as host of the Oscars. But I don't really think he really lost many fans after the Academy Awards though. Don't worry, NPH, we know hosting entertainment's biggest night is difficult, thankless, unrewarding, and brutal. But being able to mock it at another awards show is just icing on the cake.

Check out the funny moment below.