6 'Orange Is The New Black' Friendships That Remind Us To Be Grateful For Our Awesome BFFs

As just about everyone in the world knows at this point, Orange is the New Black Season 2 debuts on Friday, June 12 aka the day we all call in sick to work or school so we can sit in front of Netflix all day. Literally, you have a perfect excuse to celebrate with your lady friends and wear sweatpants all weekend. I mean, how else are best friends made than by being spending days upon days doing nothing in the same space? This is something the women of OITNB prove in every episode. Sure, we may rely on our best friends for different things than they do in Litchfield (for therapeutic shopping trips and movie marathons, say, rather than sneaking Q-tips in in our underwear), but the ladies of OITNB prove that, when all is said and done, it's our best friends who have our backs better than anyone else.

While their situations might be very different from ours, the way that they take care of each other, have fun together, and build each other up can teach us a lot about building and maintaining our own friendships. Whether it's saving an extra bowl of soup from the mess hall, or an extra bowl of easy mac from the microwave, these friendships serve to show how intricate and necessary BFFs are.

Check out these awesome OITNB besties, and then take a minute today to give props to yours. Let's face it, we wouldn't have gotten through a lot of our lives without them.

1. Nicky and Big Boo

Nicky and Big Boo may have a friendship that's all about friendly competition, but their banter and scoring system keeps them entertained in an otherwise horrible situation. Sometimes, distracting you from reality is the best thing a friend can do.

2. Sam and Piper

Sure, their friendship is based on a pretty screwy power dynamic, but there's no denying the fact that Sam has a soft spot for Piper. While the feelings might not be so mutual on Piper's end, she has to admit that having Sam in her corner has saved her butt more times than she'd like — just like any real friendship.

3. Red and Nicky

The relationship between Nicky and Red is more like mother and daughter than best friends, but still. Red takes care of Nicky and protects her at Litchfield. She has her back like your own BFF probably does, and looks out for Nicky in everything that she does.

4. Sophia and Sister Ingalls

Sophia originally befriends Sister Ingalls to score some of her hormones, but the two built a strong relationship when Sister Ingalls tried to get Sophia to repair her relationship with her son. Chances are, your BFF has done something similar, where they encouraged you to do what's right, not necessarily what's easy.

5. Leanna and Pennsatucky

A less admirable pair, Leanna followed Pennsatucky around the entire first season like a little groupie. It isn't until the second season that Leanna stands up to Pennsatucky and ventures out on her own. But, hey, sometimes friendships need a little independence. It's important to remember to stand your ground and have our own voice, even in the best of relationships.

6. Frieda, Irma, and Taslitz

They might have been known as "The Golden Girls," but these ladies aren't so golden. They work to get what they need as a team, even if it means busting a few skulls. Listen, I'm not suggesting that you and your friends go out and threaten people with homemade shivs, but everyone can take a page from their teamwork book.

Many of these friendships may change or be called into question in the third season, but you can bet that the best of them will weather the storm.

Image: Netflix (6)