Who is Doug E. Fresh & Why Is He On 'The Bachelorette'?

The Bachelorette has a great history with rap music. And, by that, I of course solely mean there was the unforgettable time that Des Hartsock brought Soulja Boy around for a group date and all the guys had to record a music video to a song called "The Right Reasons" alongside their Bachelorette. Tony can complain all he wants about how Kaitlyn is making them beat each other up all the time this season, but the men of The Bachelorette Season 9 have the most embarrassing of group date record on lock down for the centuries of Bachelorette seasons to come. So, imagine my glee when Doug. E. Fresh was announced as one of The Bachelorette guests for this week's episode. More Bachelorette rapping!

As one of the pioneers of modern day beatboxing in the 1980s, there's only one thing for which Kaitlyn could be bringing in Doug E. Fresh for: A beatboxing/rapping group date. Both will bring about a magical — and by magical, I of course mean, embarrassing for all male participants — group date. As Doug E. Fresh strikes me as a little above a music terrible video at the Bachelor mansion, it's my personal hope that we'll get to listen to Doug's beatbox stylings while the men rap battle each other. Because I need to see Ben H. and Ben Z. face off in a rap battle in order to truly believe they're two different people.

Much like Amy Schumer and the league of hilarious women she brought with her to the standup comedy group date, Doug will probably be mentoring the guys as they write their raps. So, for The Bachelorette fans out there who didn't live through the 80s, let's take a little refresher on what makes Doug E. so Fresh...

The Human Beat Box

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You can't write the history of hip hop without Doug E. Fresh's name. He didn't invent beatboxing, but he did pioneer the art in modern hip hop music, proclaiming himself the Human Beat Box, and perfecting the mimicry of drum machines that we now so often hear in all kinds of music. For example, without Doug E. Fresh, there is no Pentatonix.

Get Fresh Crew

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Doug E. Fresh made his debut to the music industry with solo projects like "Just Having Fun" and "Original Human Beatbox" but he truly hit it big when he joined up with three other DJs: Barry Bee, Chill Will, and MC Ricky D (who later became Slick Rick) to form the Get Fresh Crew and release two hip hop classics, "The Show" (why yes, that is the Inspector Gadget theme song) and "La-Di-Da-Di."

Teach Me How to Dougie

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After Slick Rick departed from the Get Fresh Crew, Doug E. Fresh had a little more commercial success with humbly titled albums like, The World’s Greatest Entertainer. But Doug E. Fresh remains a vital part of the hip hop lexicon for his role in pioneering beatboxing, and Cali Swag District's 2010 hit, "Teach Me How to Dougie," which featured a variation of Doug E.'s signature dance moves.

BET's I Am Hip Hop Award

But if you want a real sample of not just what Doug E. Fresh means to hip hop, but what hip hop means to him, just listen to his 2014 I Am Hip Hop Award acceptance speech... and try not to cry. Bringing him on The Bachelorette is going to be the best.

Image: ABC/Heidi Gutman