7 Kim Kardashian Tweets About Her Second Pregnancy That Show How Awesome It Is She's Sharing This With The World

In case you missed it, Kim Kardashian West has been tweeting like CAH-RAZY since she announced her pregnancy during last week's teaser trailer for Keeping Up With the Kardashians. First, Kardashian put her haters on blast, calling out people who were saying she was using a surrogate for her second pregnancy. She responded with a tweet saying that if she were using a surrogate, you would believe she'd be open about it. But the tweeting didn't end there. She went on to talk about how she doesn't give her haters the time of day, and about how sick she had been feeling lately. And, just in case you don't follow Kim K's every move like I do (i.e. you have a life), you may have missed the fact that, since then, Kardashian has continued tweeting about everything — from what she's feeling to what she's eating during her second pregnancy.

The Twitter frenzy is definitely a change for Kardashian, who normally tweets a few PR things a week, like what she wore to such-and-such a premiere and where her next appearances would be. To be honest, her social media feeds have been, until now, kinda boring. So, while there is an obvious up side to all of her recent activity (YAY! ENTERTAINMENT FOR US!), there is also some serious good to her recent bout of openness. In a world where celebrities go from perfect to pregnant to perfect again with only an announcement from the publicist to signal any change, it's pretty awesome that Kardashian is opening up about her pregnancy for a number of reasons.

1. She has more of a voice

Kardashian has been relatively quiet lately, showing less and less of herself and her life to the world ever since she and Kanye West started dating. However, Kardashian's recent Twitter blast shows she's just as outspoken and in charge as ever.

2. She can put her haters on blast

Remember her last pregnancy? I mean, really, how could we forget? People were VICIOUS about her body, about her clothes, and about every move she made as a pregnant woman. By taking to social media more actively, Kardashian can call out the media bullying, and, hopefully, put an end to their awful body shaming and cruelty.

3. She'll show that pregnancy isn't a walk in the park

By talking about cravings and being sick all day, Kardashian can do what other celebrities so often fail to do, which is to show that pregnancy's not all it's cracked up to be. Even with the most expensive of luxuries, pregnancy can lay a person out, and Kardashian's honesty is going to do a world of good for women who are suffering.

4. She'll have a record of all of her up's and down's to share with her baby

How cute would that be if Kimye 2.0 stumbles across her mother's Twitter feed in 13-15 years and can see how her mother was feeling and what she was doing when she was in utero? Adorbs.

5. She'll make other women more comfortable with their pregnancies

From talking about food cravings to how to deal with morning sickness, Kardashian's oversharing will undoubtedly help pregnant women everywhere.

6. She won't glamorize pregnancy

Let's face it. A lot of young girls have such a skewed perception of pregnancy from celebs and reality shows that edit pregnancy into something easy and oh-so-glamorous. By tweeting about her morning sickness and her swollen feet, Kardashian will hopefully show a more real side of pregnancy that isn't as often explored on TV.

7. We'll get more access to her life than ever before

Tweets about North following people on her phone? Tweets about spending the morning in bed eating cereal? GIMME MORE! I might be tempted to block high school friends who post about their child's every move, but I can't get enough of Kim K's updates. Considering how private she has been about North and her relationship with West, I'm just going to keep my fingers crossed that the updates keep coming.

Image: Twitter (7); Giphy