These ‘Empire’ Co-Stars Might Hate Each Other On-Screen, But They Have Nothing But Love IRL — PHOTOS

I have a deep and unbound love for FOX's Empire and so do the millions of other viewers who turned the first season of the television show into a cultural phenomenon. We watched every week to see the inner workings of a legendary music business family which, of course, including a big helping of super intense drama. Lucious Lyon isn't exactly the easiest man to get along with and he made some enemies along the way, especially his own sons. But the same cannot be said for the actor who plays him in real life, Terrence Howard. It's always fun in this day and age with social media to see our favorite characters behind the scenes, away from the cameras and in their own element. And when it comes to the Empire cast, the characters couldn't be more different in real life — aka they get along.

Despite playing arch nemeses behind the camera, many of the actors actually have a lot of love for each other. Now that the show is on hiatus and many of the Empire cast members have been off on their own endeavors over the summer, I wanted to check out which cast members were still keeping in touch. What I found is that even though Season 1 of the show ended with some super dramatic loose ends, the actors have seemed to remain supportive of each other and I can't wait to see that chemistry on screen again when Season 2 premieres in November!

Mother & Daughter-In-Law Chumming It Up

No sign of in-law drama going on here.

Nothin' But Love Between Anika & Rhonda

Grace Gealey pays tribute to Kaitlyn Doubleday's high bun.

Lucious Giving Cookie The Look Of Love

I don't know. Those eyes are looking verrrry suggestive...

Jamal Shmoozing With Camilla

The Lyon family might not have supported Hakeem's relationship with Camilla, but they sure agree with donuts.

Lucious & Jamal Set Aside Their Differences

Much of Season 1 focused on the tension in their relationship, but Jussie Smollett calls Howard his "soul brother from another mother."

Exes Hakeem & Tiana Reunite

Their relationship might have ended badly, but there are no hard feelings between Serayah McNeill and Bryshere Gray.

All Brotherly Love

Jamal and Hakeem have had some intense fights about running Empire, but clearly they love hanging out in real life.

Goofing Around On The Red Carpet

Gabourey Sidibe plays Lucious' executive assistant, Becky Williams, and one of his closest confidantes, so Cookie definitely had some issues with her when she came back to reclaim her Empire. Now that she's head of A&R, she could get into some tension with Cookie, who loves to take charge. But in real life, Sidibe and Henson have a supportive friendship and love to be cute at events with their co-stars.

As you can see, the Empire clan is as tight as ever, which is probably one of the biggest reasons for the shows success —the family is real and it shows!

Images: Getty Images