What Happened To The Liars In Their Bedrooms On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Charles' Latest Torture Method Left Everyone Guessing

Charles has found countless ways to torture the Liars throughout the past five seasons, which range from blackmail, stalking, and everything in-between. However, during the Pretty Little Liars Season 6 premiere, Charles managed to find yet another way to up his A game by sending his hostages to their rooms without supper. But what waited for them was much more than just an empty stomach. Charles did something to the Liars in those dollhouse bedrooms, though we still have no idea what it could be. After trying (and failing) to escape from A's clutches, the creepy audio lady told the girls to head back to their rooms for a surprise. And whatever they found on the other side of those doors was enough to send all four of them into a fit of terrifying screams.

But that's not even the craziest part of this story. After jumping ahead to three weeks later, the Liars emerge from their bedrooms and refuse to even discuss about what happened to them. "We cannot talk about what we just went through," Aria remarked. "I don’t know if I could even find the words," Spencer retorted. Seriously, what happened to you ladies?! This is a group that has grown accustomed to telling each other pretty much everything, so what horrifying thing could've happened to them that they can't even muster up the courage to say out loud? We may find out the truth eventually, but until then, here are a few possibilities of the torturous horrors Charles unleashed.

Watching Home Videos Of Every Terrible Thing They've Endured

We know that Charles is a big fan of home movies. Perhaps he created one specifically for each individual Liar, highlighting all of the terrible things they've had to go through since their A journey began. That'd certainly be enough to make anyone lapse into a fit of hysterics.

Witnessing Their Loved Ones Mourn Their "Deaths"

After getting tear gassed, the Liars woke up on hospital slabs in what looked like a morgue. What if that was meant to be a clue as to what awaited them in their bedrooms? Maybe Charles set up live video streams that showed how each of their family members were handling their deaths. It'd kind of be like attending your own funeral and be forced to watch those you most care about suffer for no reason at all.

Undergoing Shock Therapy

Tumblr user shaolinbynature was able to capture a few flashback images from this week's episode promo, which hint that the Liars possibly underwent some sort of shock therapy treatment. (Just when you thought Charles' antics couldn't get anymore twisted than they already were.)

Getting Makeovers They Didn't Want

One of the more head-scratching moments of the episode was when the Liars came out of their rooms and Aria's hair was not only significantly shorter, but had pink highlights in it as well. Are we to assume that Charles forced the girls to make fashion and hairstyle decisions they didn't necessarily want to go back to? (A "Spa of Horrors," if you will.) I doubt that would really warrant blood-curdling screams, but hey, they've had a rough go of it lately, so you never know. I've certainly freaked out over less.

Being Trapped In A Room Full Of Those Creepy Dolls

It'd certainly be enough to do me in, I can promise you that.

Watching Their Loved Ones Getting Tortured

I'm not sure how Charles would be able to pull this illusion off without actually torturing the people they love. But given all the crafty things A has been able to accomplish with technology, I wouldn't put it past him to make it look extremely convincing. Charles loves to play mind games with the Liars, so whatever form this torture took on, odds are it was more psychological than it was physical. Maybe Charles has been stalking their families, so when they walked into their rooms the walls were covered in photographs of their every move. (*insert creepy music here*)

Seeing Closets Full Of That Yellow Shirt

Because, honestly, I just don't think this shirt has been used quite enough on this show.

Coming Face To Face With Their Own Tombstones

I mean, deep down, isn't seeing this every person's worst nightmare?

But no matter what actually ended up happening though, we can at least take comfort in knowing our beloved Liars are out of Charles' clutches… for now, that is.

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