What Not To Wear To A Festival According To 19 Governors Ball Style Mavens Who Did It Right

It's no easy feat figuring out what to wear to Governors Ball. I can hardly get myself up and ready on a regular morning. And for Gov Ball you also have to factor in 1-5 mile walks, prime tanning sun hours, East River breezes, and the fact that someone somehow will probably spill booze all over you. So we took to the muddy fields of Randall's Island to watch Florence Welch slay at Gov Ball, and to find some of the hottest babes in the crowd and learn all their festival styling secrets. We also asked 'em what the one thing was that they wished they *didn't* wear because festival regret is real. Check it out.

Images: Rosanne Salvatore/Bustle

Jena, 27

“My jacket, because it’s already on the ground. It turned into such a beautiful day.”

Luisa, 22

Luisa was totally comfortable in her outfit, but hated all the crowds at Drake. We’re with you girl…

Jazmin, 20

“This kimono. It’s so hot, it’s in the way. I wore a t-shirt yesterday and it was so much better.”

Lindsey, 28 / Java, 26 / Nancy, 27

“[My dress] is kind of short for me. My ass is out.” - Java

“Tight black jeans in the sun was a bad idea.” - Nancy (And, Lindsey agreed.)

Heather, 27

“I wore all black with long sleeves, so I’m sweating. I thought it was going to be cold!”

Gabriela, 26

“I’m risking a bit with the bellbottoms because it was really muddy yesterday.”

Iva, 25 & Andy, 28

“It’s hard to predict New York weather, but I came fully prepared.” - Iva

Lisa, 24 / MJ, 24 / Hillary, 25 / Laura, 25 / Emily, 24 / Fathima, 25

“Honestly no … I don’t care about looking fancy. I’m just here to dance” - Lisa

“On Friday I wore high waisted black shorts that were as short as undies, jundies if you will. They were way too short so I felt self conscious. My ass looked great though.” - MJ

“On the second day, I wore high waisted shorts with a thong and it kept riding up. Wear full butted underwear, it keeps everything down.” - Laura

“Open toed shoes in the mud. My feet smelled like poop all day.” - Emily

“A romper that went absolutely up my butt. I was constantly rearranging.” - Fathima

Sara, 27

“I regret wearing flats yesterday because of the mud.” P.s. mad love for these OshKosh B’Gosh overalls.

Image: Kelsea Stahler/Bustle

Janella, 22

“I’m hot in this kimono, but it’s protecting my shoulders from sunburn. I feel like I’m already burning.”

Janella, 22

Please also note Janella’s on fleek jewelry game.

Krystle, 31

“I’m totally comfortable, actually. I always make sure I’m comfortable.”

Danica, 25

“Last year, I wore a romper and you have to take the whole thing off every time you pee.”