11 Ways To Wear The '70s And '90s In One Outfit

If you've been paying even the slightest bit of attention to the current trends in fashion, you've undoubtedly noticed that both '70s and '90s inspired fashion are very trendy right now, being seen on runways across the world. Of course, fashion trends aren't everything and you can't possibly wear every trend out there. Being an individual is what style is all about! But, there's no shame in wanting to experiment with your look and try out some new styles.

One of the biggest road blocks to being able to follow all of the latest fashion trends is capacity; there are only so many outfits you can wear and clothes you have time and money to buy. Since fashion also changes every three months or so, you'd have to cycle through your entire wardrobe four times a year to keep up! Unless you're Kim Kardashian, this is probably going to be an impossibility.

That's why maximizing the trends you do buy into is important, since they can then last far beyond this season. If you buy something that can be worn in multiple ways and through the course of the year, you can take your dollars a lot further. You also won't have to face the humiliation of so obviously wearing last year's trends, which isn't a bad thing but can make you feel out of place.

A few years ago, neon was a really huge deal, and was popping up everywhere. Naturally, I bought a few items of the neon variety. Once the season was over, though, it felt awkward to wear the looks again — because they were never really fully me in the first place. Instead of doing this, make the trends work for you!

One of the ways you can experiment with this is by wearing clothing that works for both current trends, incorporating '70s and '90s inspiration in one piece. You can also buy items that are subtly inspired by both eras and pair them together, giving your look some oomph when the items are paired; but allowing you to look more subdued when worn apart. Getting into specifics, let's take a look at 11 looks that combine both '70s and '90s style.

1. Wear A Lace, Cap-Sleeved Crop Top

Free People Scalloped Lace Crop Top, $48, Zappos

Lace was obviously a huge part of '70s style and is a huge part of the '70s trend throwbacks you're seeing on runways and store racks. Crop tops, particularly those with cap sleeves (known then as baby tees) were also a huge hit in the '90s, making the collision of these two things a match made in fashion heaven.

2. Earth Print Bandanas

Cotton Printed Reversible Kerchief, $8, Ecrater

Arguably one of the most popular head covering trends of the '90s, the bandana can also make a comeback in your wardrobe. Instead of wearing a traditional color like red or black, change it up with an earth tone print to give your look a cool '70s vibe.

3. Birkenstock Sandals

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Sandal, $100, Amazon

These shoes were really popular when you were a toddler and have been showing up again in recent years on the feet of moms and hipsters alike. Since '70s sandals were also strappy and known for their chunk, Birkenstock sandals are the perfect item to add to your collection to kill two trends with one shoe.

4. Denim Vests

Lace Denim Vest, $78, Boston Proper

Denim on denim screams '90s nostalgia (remember Britney and Justin's all denim red carpet look?) and vests were an essential part of any on-point '70s wardrobe. So why not wear the ultimate trend hybrid of the denim vest to rock both trends in one look? Definitely go for a vest that is loose fitting to give it that full '70s vibe.

5. High-Waisted Flared Jeans

Phoebe Flared Jeans, $44, Simply Be

While we've already established that denim was a huge '90s trend, high-waisted jeans take the cake in terms of the largest dosage of this fabric in '90s fashion. Combining these two denim elements will give you the ultimate pair of trendy jeans that remind us of both the days of Fresh Prince and Mary Tyler Moore.

6. Matching Skirt Sets

White Cross Stripe Tube Crop Top Midi Pencil Skirt Set, $28, Intimates Care

If you're the type who loves to match, you'll be excited to learn that the matching skirt set was popular in both the 1970s and 1990s. Plus, you can mix and match your skirt and top or jacket with all kinds of staples in your wardrobe, making this a worthwhile sartorial investment!

7. Tie-Dyed Anything

Tie-Dye Tunic, $22, Venus

Tie-dye is associated both with hippies and '90s teenage girls, which makes this a double-dipping trend. So, if you want to reference the '70s and the '90s simultaneously, try wearing tie-dyed clothing. If you want to save some money or just maximize your DIY potential, you could even take a plain t-shirt or tank top and tie-dye your clothes yourself!

8. Stripes

Plus Size Stripe Scroll Print Pullover, $42, Dressbarn

Stripes of all sorts were very prevalent in both '70s and '90s fashion, so just wear any and all stripes to bring both eras to your ensemble. The Chevron print specifically was very popular in the '70s, so combine it with another complimentary striped item in your closet.

9. Ribbed Polo Sweaters

Rib-Knit Funnelneck Pullover, $44, Ralph Lauren

The cozy ribbed polo sweaters that combine prep with comfort first came about in the 1970s and also had a huge moment during the '90s — making them the perfect combination piece. Find one from Polo Ralph Lauren if you want to really bring that '90s flair.

10. Braided Hair

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images News/Getty Images

This look is no purchase necessary! Braids were very popular in the '70s and '90s, particularly accent braids. Rock this fun hair look in your effort to own as many trends as possible with any outfit.

11. Floral Prints

White Floral Print Long Sleeve Romper Playsuit, $16, Choies

Flower prints of all kinds made a name for themselves in both decades, making any kind of flowery item a perfect addition to your '70s and '90s outfit. Plus, floral prints look great dressed up or down and paired with any color palette.

Images: Fotolia; Courtesy Brands; Getty Images