19 Pieces Of LGBT Pride Jewelry To Show Off Support For Marriage Equality, Because #LoveWins

In what was perhaps the most historic and impactful ruling in recent decades, the Supreme Court of the Unites States ruled that gay marriage bans are unconstitutional, making same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states, which means over-the-top, joyous, glee-filled celebrations are in order — love no longer has to wait. But, since it isn’t really a party until you’re decked out in a little flair, the hunt for LGBT pride and equality jewelry is on. After all, has there ever been a better time to buy baubles for a cause?

Whether you are a member of the LGBT community or an avid ally, you can show off both your pride and your support for the momentous SCOTUS ruling with your jewelry. If we can pride-ify our profile pictures, we can certainly find ways to pride-ify our ears, necks and wrists. With a bevy of multi-color bling and ROYGBIV rings, hand stamped messages of love and the equal sign as the new charm of choice, it is easy to send a big message with even the tiniest of baubles, whatever you personal style may be. More good news — you’ll always be on trend while rocking your equality jewelry, because love never goes out of style. Our nation finally proved that #LoveWins and you can follow suit with these 19 pieces of jewelry that boast love for all. Also, with a little black dress and a rotation of pride rings and things, you’ll be all set for the influx of weddings. Let the celebrations begin!

Images: Getty; Courtesy Brands

Rainbow Pride

Spell it out loud and proud with this rainbow dog tag.

2 Piece Pride Rainbow Dog Tag, $20, Pride Shack

Rainbow Pride

One can never go wrong with rainbows and rhinestones.

Anca Pe’elma Rainbow Bangle, $85, Love and Pride

Rainbow Pride

A subtle cutout of ombre rainbow shows infinite pride.

Rounded Titanium Ring With Rainbow Cutout, $99, Love and Pride

Rainbow Pride

A technicolor accessory for pride and equality.

Rainbow Ring, $19, HRC

Rainbow Pride

Edgy and bright with braided black leather and rainbow rings.

Black Braided Rainbow Leather Bracelet, $20, Rainbow Depot

Love Is Loudest

A well placed message of love is sweet and supportive.

Love Is Love Equality Bracelet, $10, Etsy

Love Is Loudest

Love is love and it is all you need.

Vision Wristband- Love, $12, HRC

Love Is Loudest

A hidden message of love for all.

Love Is Love Hand Stamped Bracelet, $23, Etsy

Love Is Loudest

It’s quite simple really: all love, no hate.

NOH8 Dog Tag w/ Chain, $7,

Messages Of Equality

Invite equal rights to your arm party with this charm bangle.

Marriage Equality LGBT Gay Pride Bangle Bracelet, $22, Etsy

Message Of Equality

Cuffs for equality, united we stack.

Equality Cuff, $18, Etsy

Messages Of Equality

Let equal love hang around your neck for all to see with this hand stamped gold pendant.

Equality Necklace, $31, Etsy

Messages Of Equality

Even the smallest engraving on the simplest of accessories can boast a big meaning.

Equality Ring, $10, Etsy

Messages Of Equality

Two simple silver bars, one important message.

Classic Equality Bracelet, $120, Love and Pride

Messages Of Equality

Also, some girls marry girls and this tongue-in-cheek jewelry lets everyone know you’re down with that and won’t tolerate the haters.

LGBT Marriage Equality Resin Necklace, $15, Etsy

Messages Of Equality

The original equality ring is perfect for expressing your love and commitment to your partner or your support of marriage rights for all.

The Equality Ring, $220, The Equality Ring

Messages Of Equality

Chain links and charms for love and equality.

The Equality Ring Charm Bracelet, $125, The Equality Ring

Messages Of Equality

A tiny equal sign with a big message.

HRC Cable Bracelet, $49, HRC

Messages Of Equality

Now that’s a fine pair of studs.

The Equality Ring Earrings, $300, The Equality Ring