Microsoft "Twins or Not?" Robot Can Help You Detect How Closely You Resemble Someone Else, So I Tried It Out

We all know Microsoft's "How Old Do I Look," a robot that has snatched up the attention of every social media user recently by detecting how old you and your friends "really look" in your photos. Now, Microsoft has released a new robot called "Twins or Not?" — a program that lets you compare two faces to see how much of a resemblance they share, so you can actually see if that celebrity people keep comparing you to actually looks like you. The program gives you a score from zero percent resemblance to 100 percent resemblance, as well as a one-line descriptor of how much you look like the other person.

How does it work? The program uses Face Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in Microsoft's Project Oxford, an algorithm used to detect and recognize human faces for gender, age, and pose; additionally, general identification plays a roll — kind of like the program your iPhoto or Facebook might use to detect specific people in photographs. But how accurate is the program? I went ahead and tried it out by comparing my face to some famous celebrities to see what the fuss is all about.

I decided to use the same photo I used for "How Old Do I Look." It's a simple shot of my face that I tried to take very subtly in a department store for a Snapchat that was captioned "DAMN I LOOK GOOD," followed inexplicably by a moneybag emoji. Unfortunately, the "How Old Do I Look" robot didn't think I looked good enough to be my actual age (21) and added an entire nine years to my face.

Choosing not to be disheartened by this betrayal, I went ahead and compared my face to some celeb faces, including my favorite celebrity of all time,Tina Belcher. Though the program won't detect cartoon faces as real, here's are some other results I got:

1. Mehak + Taylor Swift = Zero percent

Out of all the celebrities I tried twinning with, I least resemble Taylor Swift — which is no surprise. because, I mean... just look at us. We are actually opposites.

2. Mehak + Beyonce = Five percent

OK, but that's because Queen B is literally not from this planet.

3. Mehak + Cara Delevigne = Nine percent

I thought maybe since Cara and I share the same thick, dark eyebrows the bot would give us a higher rating, but apparently comparing yourself to a supermodel is a little ambitious. Fair point, Microsoft robot. Fair point.

4. Mehak + Justin Beiber = 18 percent

The 18 percent similarity it's detecting is probably just the fact that sometimes I, like Justin, also look like a 12-year-old boy trying to be a grown-up.

5. Mehak + Miley Cyrus = 32 percent

We're just being Miley!

6. Mehak + Zayn Malik = 34 percent

Obviously there's a resemblance here; after all, we both have brown skin and the ability to charm your pants off.

7. Mehak + Cher = 37 percent.

How? Just... how?

8. Mehak + Kate Middleton

Is 52 percent enough to confuse Prince William, or...?

9. Mehak + Kim Kardashian

Oh, yeah, you guys didn't know we're related? It's totally a thing. I'm just not on the show that much because, you know, who needs fame, money, glamour, parties, or magazine covers when you can be accruing thousands of dollars worth of student loans and drinking really bad wine instead?

10. Mehak + Mehak with a glass of Rose

Because at the end of the day, the very best person you can be and look like is yourself! But also Kim Kardashian.

Give the program a try, because though it may not be entirely accurate (still so confused about Cher?) it's pretty fun to mess around with when you're trying to procrastinate on actual work.

Images: Alex88/Flickr; Mehak Anwar/Bustle (2); Twins or Not (9); Getty Images (9)