10 Weird Things About Having An Erection, According To Guys, Because You Can Wiggle It


The whole boner thing seems to be a pretty straightforward process (pun intended). But what does an erection feel like? While us ladies are over here dealing with all of the things that come with having a vagina, dudes only have to worry about keeping that thing hidden whenever they pop one at an inopportune time. I mean, imagine never having to worry about that time of the month, or your yearly pap smear. Not to mention the extreme fear that revolves around leaving a tampon up there too long and dying a quick death due to toxic shock syndrome.

But enough about the complicated female anatomy, because as it turns out, there are actually a ton of interesting, not so obvious truths about boners that you have probably never even heard about. For example, did you know that peeing with an erection is a pretty tricky process? Or that there are actual tried and true methods for hiding one? Kind of makes you want to play boner hide and seek...

If you've never heard the phrase 6 to midnight, you'll want to read on. Here are 10 weird facts about erections that you're most likely in the dark about, courtesy of the dudes who deal with them on the regular.

1. Steven, 25

2. Kyle, 25

3. Max, 27

4. Kevin, 23

5. Richard, 24

6. Ted, 31

7. Carl, 40

8. Ryan, 32

9. Kevin, 31

10. Sam, 29

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