Gwyneth's Daughter Is Her Mini Me

When it comes to being genetically blessed in the looks department, it's no secret that Apple and Moses Martin struck some serious gold. (And we mean big time.) After all, when your dad is Chris Martin and your mom is Gwyneth Paltrow, how do you not come out looking like you're ready for your next Vogue cover? Just this morning, Gwynnie shared a rare post of her two kids on Instagram, where she yet again reminded us all of that fact, plus one more thing we seem to have forgotten: Apple Martin might just be Gwyneth's doppleganger. (Hear that, Ava Phillippe? It's time for you to step aside as the reigning champ of celeb mom twinning.)

And I'm not exaggerating here, guys. In the photo, 11-year-old Apple stands outside next to her brother Moses, 9 — whilst holding what might easily be one of the most adorable puppies ever — and smiling back at the camera through a Viper helmet. Sure, we can basically only make out her two eyes and about thismuch of her actual face through said helmet; but trust me, the resulting photo is enough to leave you seriously squinting, and wondering if it's really Gwyneth in there, after all.

I'm clearly not the only one who's seeing double, though. Instagram was quick to spot the uncanny resemblance, too. markiapryor was the first to jump in, commenting, "Definitely a mini-Gwyneth. Wow!" while layniegirlcouture followed up with, "'Mini me' has never been truer!" Of course, what would a celeb kid post be without a few rogue haters spoiling the good vibes? "Stop exploiting children...you are pathetic!" wrote nlsamberg, before tpagan72 jumped in and snapped back with, "She's not exploiting her children, she's sharing like all moms do. Back off, everyone is so judgmental. Who are you to judge her?"

Ugh, calm down, Instagram.

The criticism of Paltrow is a little extra ridiculous when you consider the fact that she's usually pretty mum about her kids on social media. Instead, she opts to fill her Instagram and Twitter feeds with celeb-packed photos of yummy meals and uber-famous friends (like this recent selfie with Jack Black, because yes, such things happen in her world).

The mom of two must be in the sharing mood though lately, 'cause she's been dropping some adorable little nuggets of Apple cuteness for us over the last few weeks. Take this one, of the 11-year-old donning some pretty fierce monster slippers:

Or this one, showing the big sis taking Moses under her wing and soaking up the ocean view:

But our favorite so far? This recent throwback photo of Apple as a baby, which Gwyneth shared in honor of the 11-year-old's birthday: