These Guys Tried On Leggings For The First Time, And Now They Might Not Ever Take Them Off

It's no secret that girl's fashion can be some of the most uncomfortable around, but leggings are the exception to the wardrobe. Whereas guys get stuck with shorts or pants, there are a world of different fashion trends for females, and it's about time that they try some out. These guys tried leggings for the first time and fell in love with the simple style staple. In January 2014, meggings (that's male leggings) came onto the market. It seemed like a great idea for men to feel all the comfort and ease of dressing that women do, but for some reason it just never caught on. It seems like after this Buzzfeed video, men will be thinking about pulling off the trend more often. There's no shame in the megging game.

The men were hesitant to try on the look at the beginning of the video. They all knew that leggings are something that many women love, but raised their own body image issues with trying on the trend. They got a first hand looks at the pros and cons of trying leggings, but once these guys got one leg into the pants, they were feeling fabulous.

They Showed Some Initial Excitement When It Came To Prints...

"These scream 'ME'!"

And Were Surprised At How Tight They Were...

"Like a frickin' glove."

But once they got into them...

"Who needs jeans? This is much better."

They Got VERY Comfortable...

"I can kick really well."

Like, Really Comfortable...

"These are TIGHT! I feel athletic."

In fact, They May Never Get Out Of Them Now

Welcome to our world, boys.

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