Watching 'Veronica Mars' With My Boyfriend: Expectations Vs. Reality

My boyfriend does not respect my television choices. But there was one show that I really wanted him to tune in to with me, despite his arguing: Veronica Mars. I was a late-in-life Marshmallow myself, and of all the television shows that I would recommend him marathon-watching, the neo-noir high school drama was top of the list. I wanted to share the magic of working the Veronica Mars' Lilly Kane murder case piece by piece, and hoped that, by introducing him to the wonderful world of Neptune, Calif., I could also revisit the TV show with brand-new eyes.

It took some convincing, but ultimately my boyfriend agreed to my terms: if he hated the pilot, we wouldn't watch another episode. Of course, what my boyfriend didn't know was that the Veronica Mars pilot is pretty much the best pilot ever — it's hard not to get swept up into the show's central mystery when confronted with the pilot's gloomy flashbacks and Veronica's private detective sass. And, as expected, my significant other got invested. We're currently five episodes into the series and have no plans on stopping. Here are my expectations of what he would think of the series, versus all the thoughts he actually had. (Spoiler alert: They never line up.)

He Doesn't Trust Keith

My Expectation Of His Thoughts: "Wow! Keith is such a cool dad! I wish he were my dad!"

The Reality Of His Thoughts: "Oh, God, did he kill Lilly?" I never thought that Keith seemed like a shady character early on in the series, but I guess to my boyfriend, his Kane files and desire to put Jake behind bars comes across as suspicious.

He's Not A Duncan & Veronica 'Shipper

My Expectation Of His Thoughts: "Wow, what a complex character with a rich emotional history with our lead!"

The Reality Of His Thoughts: "Ugh, Duncan is the worst." Surprisingly, this was also my reaction to Duncan upon watching the series again. I always found him a bit bland, but I assumed that was the anti-depressants his parents made him pop to forget all about the "Lilly thing." But he's also sort of just there. He ain't no Logan, that's for sure.

Dick Casablancas Is Bae

My Expectation Of His Thoughts: None at all. (Dick is barely in the first five episodes of the series.)

The Reality Of His Thoughts: "Oh my God, it's that guy! I love that guy!" (Every single time we see a frame of Ryan Hansen.)

Trust No Troy

My Expectation Of His Thoughts: "So glad Veronica has a nice guy in her life for once!"

The Reality Of His Thoughts: "Is that the guy from X-Men? He's going to end up sucking later, right?" I have to say, my man is a pretty great judge of character.

The Mystery Has Officially Been Solved

My Expectation Of His Thoughts: "There's no possible way I can figure this mystery out. The show has not given me enough information, and I look forward to discovering more clues, as right now, I am completely naive."

The Reality Of His Thoughts: "Oh, dude, I totally know what happened. Duncan definitely killed her. Right? Right?! Actually, no, don't tell me. But yeah. I'm right." Oh, honey...

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