6 TV Besties That Started Off As Enemies, Because Friendship Isn't Always Easy

Friendships don't always start off smoothly. I think it's true that the character traits we find annoying in other people are often the same character traits we dislike in ourselves. As human beings, we may gravitate towards people who are similar to us, looking over those who we deem to be too different to be relatable. Individuals with strong personalities may butt heads from the forefront. We can sometimes make snap judgments about others. And yet, if you can get over the initial hump, you may find a kindred spirit in the person you didn't get along with at first, or even thought of as your enemy.

My own relationship with my best friend started off roughly. We used to glare at each other across the school bus during middle school. She thought I was loud and obnoxious, and I thought she was stuck up and pretentious. When we both transferred to the same high school, we ended up being one other's only familiar face, and it forced us to reassess things. A whopping 13 years later and she's the one person I speak to every single day. And just like our enemy-turned-friendship, many television BFFs started out hating eachother. Here are six TV besties who started off as enemies.

1. Will & Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


When Will came to live with his family in their Bel-Air mansion, he brought his streetwise mentality, love of hip-hop, and neon fashion sense with him. At first, it seemed he had nothing in common with his loafer-wearing, preppy cousin Carlton. While Will was focused on the ladies, Carlton was focused on getting into Princeton. Though the two continued to poke fun at one another thoughtout the entire run of Fresh Prince, they also found time to create a true bond. While teaching each other valuable life lessons, they also best friends.

2. Haley & Brooke — One Tree Hill


For the first couple of seasons of One Tree Hill, bad-girl Brooke barely knew Haley's name. She chose to refer to her boyfriend's bestie as "Tutor Girl". After being betrayed by her own best friend Payton and her boyfriend Lucas, Brooke did some inner soul searching and really got to know Hayley. Though Brooke initially made fun of Hayley for her bookish ways, the two eventually formed a life long friendship. Brooke even became godmother to Hayley's son, Jamie.

3. Paris & Rory — Gilmore Girls

Nothing can fuel a rivalry like a bit of competition. Paris had always been the smartest girl at Chilton Prep, so she was not pleased to have to compete with new girl Rory. Paris' disdain for the Gilmore girl was further exasperated when her crush Tristan began paying attention to Rory. Still, life has a funny way of working things out. Rory and Paris ended up being roommates at Yale, and their precarious friendship became one that stands the test of time.

4. Jen & Joey — Dawson's Creek

It's always difficult when your best friend starts ignoring you because they've embarked on a romantic relationship. It's even more soul crushing when you also lust after your best friend. Though Jen and Joey's relationship was touch and go for a very long time, they both soon realized that their mutual feelings for Dawson Leery had no baring on how they should treat one another. (After all, Joey and Pacey were meant to be together anyway.)

5. Joan & Peggy — Mad Men


Peggy Olsen walked into Sterling Cooper wearing a bright red badge of naivety, and we all know that Joan does not tolerate naivety. Though their friendship was non-existent in the first seasons of Mad Men, Peggy and Joan began to ban together as they moved up the ranks of the company. Together they battled sexism, becoming feminist allies against 'the good ole boys'. They laughed at Don and Roger when they became ultimate cliches, and Joan even offered Peggy a partnership in her newly formed company.

6. Jamie & Brienne — Game of Thrones


Catelyn Stark initially charged Brienne of Tarth with escorting Jamie Lannister back to King's Landing in exchange for her daughters Sansa and Arya. Though they had mutual disdain for one another, Brienne and the Kingslayer bonded during their journey. Brienne kills two Stark soldiers to protect Jamie, and in turn he protects her from being raped and being fed to a bear.

Their friendship is unconventional to say the least. She's a female knight and swordsmen who is used to men laughing at her, and he a self-important royal who has a sexual relationship with his twin sister. Still, they manage to form a mutual respect and perhaps even love for one another. Following King Joffrey's death, Jamie asks Brienne to find Sansa and protect her from Cersi's rage. He gives her new armor and a sword made of Valyrian steel which she aptly names "Oathkeeper."

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