What Your Favorite TV Best Friends Say About You & Your Best Friend

Your bestie could be your childhood next door neighbor, your college roommate, that person you took an improv class with and fell in comedy love, your dog, your sister, or weirdly enough your ex. Whatever the case may be, it's always worth celebrating those precious few companions who rise above all in friendship. These friends are more than just the relics of your Myspace Top 12 friends, these are the people who wiped your nose as you sobbed all over the floor after a break-up; who didn't judge you for getting that tattoo during Senior Week; who stood by you as you went through that phase of Instagraming your juice cleanse. Best friends are there 'til the end, and they deserve all of your love and adoration on this very special day.

Through television's ultimate best friends, we've learned that no matter what, your bestie will always be there for you. Like Parks and Rec's Leslie Knope, they'll create Galentine's Day in your honor. Like Broad City's favorite ladies, they'll save you from a Whole Foods spree when you've smoked too much weed. You and your BFF might be just like Hannah and Marnie from Girls or Troy and Abed from Community — but no matter what your friendship is, it's special and it is your lifeboat in this crazy adventure called being a human. Here's what your favorite TV best friends say about you and your best friend:

Leslie Knope & Ann Perkins

Making friends as an adult is difficult, which is why you value your best friend so, so much. You understand that life is full of constant, sometimes difficult changes. People change jobs, people get married, people have kids and move to different cities... but no matter what, you've always got each other's back. And you're both magical land mermaids preaching the word of feminism all day every day.

Daria Morgendorfer & Jane Lane

Sometimes friendship means hating the same things... together. Most people don't understand you, but your best friend sure does.

Rory Gilmore & Lane Kim

You've known your best friend since childhood and you are inseparable. They've been there when you had to dish about your first kiss, your first time having sex, and the first time you realized adulthood is impossible and heartbreaking most of the time. They're your first and your best. Who else would help you dye your hair purple or run away from home?

Chandler Bing & Joey Tribbiani

Your friendship is like a warm pizza on your lap — comforting, nourishing, and always brings a smile to your face. You and your best friend rely on each other and would keep each other's biggest secrets... but mostly you're there to make each other laugh.

Kimmy Schmidt & Titus Andromedon

Let your freak flags fly, and follow your dreams.

Hannah Horvath & Marnie Michaels

Your friendship might be toxic at times, but there's so much history between you that you can't stay away from each other for long. It's not the easiest relationship, but everyone needs someone who can call them out on their sh*t.

Abbi Abrams & Ilana Wexler

You two are the defininition of "Partners in Crime." You take on the world together and don't give a flying you-know-what over anyone else's opinion. You're each other's champion through all of life's highs and really highs. You place this person before anyone else...even the people you date (you even skype them in on your private time), because when all is said and done it's your friends who will always have your back.

Donna Meagle & Tom Haverford

You and your best friend share each other's love of the finer things. You've embraced the Tao of Treat Yo Self together and every day you enrich each other's lives. When one wants to start a new business venture, the other has a real estate license and can help manage the property. You're the yin and yang of swag and vision.

Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson

You might drive each other crazy, but that's what you love about your relationship, no? You can't survive without the other because they balance you in a sort of inexplicable way. Your time together is always full of surprises and you wouldn't want it any other way.

Liz Lemon & Jack Donaghy

The When Harry Met Sally theory of male and female friendship is lone gone — Liz and Jack are proof that men and women can be best friends. It's the best kind of relationship. You can be as open as you want about anything related to bodily fluids, hating your family, and your eating habits and you never have to worry about hiding it.

Troy Barnes & Abed Nadir

You two live inside of each other's brains. You speak a language that no one else in the world can understand. Being their friend has made you believe in soul mates.

Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia

Your pack of besties is your family, your lifeline, your emergency contacts. You know everything going on in each other's lives at all times and you'll be there for each other for all time. THANK YOU FOR BEING A FRIEND.

Nick Miller & Schmidt

One of you loves hard while the other pushes their feelings right down to the bottom of their guts where no one can find it... but that doesn't get in the way of serious friend love. Your best friend from college knew you before you truly came into yourself and anyone who can make it through that deserves a lifetime of hard smooches.

Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha

Through cheating, divorce, cancer, and heartache...this is a judgement-free zone. Now go have a cocktail and celebrate how fabulous you all are.

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