When Does 'Hell's Kitchen' Season 15 Premiere? Gordon Ramsay Will Be Back & Yelling At Incompetant Chefs Soon

Hell's Kitchen continues to prove that, even after 200 episodes, the show still has what it takes to go on for years. So, when will Hell's Kitchen Season 15 premiere? I know the Season 14 finale airs on June 9, but there's no shame in already being excited for more. The series usually has two seasons per year, so Hell's Kitchen Season 15 should start in either late 2015, or, if the schedule changes, there's a chance it could be pushed to early spring, like Season 14 was. But, it's definitely coming back for at least two more runs. The fifteenth and sixteenth seasons of Hell's Kitchen were greenlit back in 2014, so no need to worry — Gordon Ramsay is not looking to go into an early retirement. He'll still be on multiple shows, torturing chefs on each and every one (except perhaps Kitchen Nightmares, where he spends more time torturing restaurant owners).

Hell's Kitchen is his first show to cross the Atlantic, and caught on immediately because his meltdowns and freakouts — as well as his extremely good, useful advice when he's not shouting — are legendary. He's been known to scream for whole episodes, coining impressively original turns of phrase to describe just how terrible the food and the people cooking it are. At this point, contestants show up just hoping to get through without making Ramsay boiling mad. Meanwhile, viewers love it, and can't wait to see what the British chef comes up with next — because no one can say he's not incredibly creative. When Season 15 comes back, here are some new things Ramsay can shout about.

1. He Could Complain About Their Food Having Too Much Going On, Instead Of Too Little

The only thing worse than a simple dish rendered horribly, is a simple dish rendered with waaay too much complicated crap thrown on top... especially if their assignment was to recreate one of Ramsay's signature dishes. Adding too much is just as much of a sin as missing a key component.

2. He Could Learn To Only Love Well-Done Meat

Cooking meat to the right level of done-ness is a particularly sore spot in Hell's Kitchen. And, after years of throwing overdone steak on the ground and spitting on it, what if Ramsay randomly decided to fall in love with well-done meat, tossing out anything with even the slightest hint of pink at the center? It would keep the chefs on their toes, that's for sure.

3. He Could Bring Back An Eliminated Chef

So far, Hell's Kitchen has never had their version of "Last Chance Kitchen" from Top Chef, and once Ramsay sends home a contestant, that's the end. But, what's a reality show without a random last-minute change in the rules? Bring 'em back, Ramsay!

4. Gordon Ramsay Could Hold Back On The Swears

I mean, it would basically transform this show into the kinder, gentler Masterchef Junior, but imagine if instead of support and generosity he was just as furious with the contestants as he usually is on Hell's Kitchen, only he wasn't allowed to swear. It would make for even more creative insults than usual.

5. Name A Double Winner

The finale is always tense because usually by the end, both chefs have proven that they're worthy of the chance of working for Ramsay and getting the big prize. And, if that's true in Season 15, why not award the first double win in the show's history? It would be a milestone and a shock for the audience.

6. The Chefs Could Screw Up Something Even Simpler Than Boiling Water

Who can forget the eventful Season 11 disaster where Ramsay had to school the girls' team on how to boil pasta. And, while that's embarrassing, it could get worse if some of the Season 15 chefs fail at basic tasks like making toast or chopping up onions.

7. He Could Make The Whole Competition Vegan

Doing a themed season could throw Chef Ramsay and the contestants off their game. Ramsay wouldn't be able to rely on the same dishes he prefers, like buttery, creamy risotto, and the chefs would have to make world-class cuisine that didn't rely on the expected ingredients.

8. He Could Send Both Teams Home Early

Even though Chef Ramsay has gotten apoplectic before during team eliminations, he's never gotten so angry that he's stopped dinner service short and declared both teams complete failures. While each season seems to up the ante of chef skills, if Gordon Ramsay also ups his toughness for Season 15 of Hell's Kitchen it's going to make for even better TV, and hopefully better food for those Hell's Kitchen diners.

Image: Patrick Wymore/FOX; Giphy (8)