5 Khaleesi-Inspired Dragon Jewelry Pieces To Shop

Even if you aren't an avid Game of Thrones viewer, you surely have heard of the Khaleesi. Oh, no? Let me give you the run down: she's a bad, bad bitch and Queen of her people. The platinum-haired ruler proved it again in last night's episode when Daenerys Targaryen's dragon necklace stole the show.

Emilia Clarke plays Daenerys Targaryen, a pretty fierce lady queen and fashionista in her own right. The characters has a bit of a thing for dragons, and their eggs, and it's an interest that shows up in her warrior-like wardrobe. Giant dragon talons are usually seen hanging from her neck episode to episode, but last night's fashion slayed like nothing we've seen in the last five seasons.

The queen wore an iron, lifelike dragon as a necklace. Necklace may not be the right word — it was more of a cuff, with the dragon wrapping around her neck and slipping a tail seductively under her chin. In short, it was killer. Twitter blew up as soon as the silver piece debuted on screen, making us all wonder "Where can I find that?"

Well, have no fear. We rounded up 5 Khaleesi-inspired pieces of jewelry you can rock pretty much anywhere, anytime. Let that GoT fan flag fly high, y'all.

1. Dragon Cuff

Dragon Ear Wrap, $170,

2. Golden Dragon Ring

Golden Dragon Ring, $46,

3. Khaleesi Bracelet

Khaleesi Bracelet, $34,

4. Khaleesi Open Necklace

Khaleesi Open Necklace, $18.97,

5. Opal Dragon Scale Earrings

Opal Dragon Scale Earrings, $8.00,

Images: HBO; Courtesy of Brands (5)