There's A Dave Matthews Band "Poopgate" Memorial

It's been almost 11 years since Dave Matthews Band's tour bus driver released over 800 pounds of human dung into the Chicago River, but the memory lingers like the stench wafting from a rest stop toilet that could use a courtesy flush... or five. The incident, which was fittingly called “Poopgate,” wreaked some serious havoc: a bunch of unsuspecting tourists on a sightseeing boat wound up covered in the fecal matter that was dumped into the river. To ensure that what happened on August 8, 2004 is never forgotten, a memorial was recently constructed. Propped up against the Kinzie Street Bridge at the very spot where the bus driver released the krapken, there is a simple-yet-effective plaque and a candle. Very tasteful.

The detail from this story that has stuck with me for the past decade the most? There were more than 800 pounds of poop in that tour bus's septic tank at one time. EIGHT HUNDRED POUNDS OF POOP IS SO MUCH POOP. Until this news item broke back in '04, I had no idea bus septic tanks could host that much dookie. (Granted, I know very little about bus septic tanks to begin with, but whatever.) Bus septic tanks do not mess around.

Here's the Poopgate memorial:

Image: sosacyprian/Reddit