The Lonely Island + SYTYCD = Internet Gold

He may not have had a great audition, but he's definitely going to become an Internet sensation and he's definitely going to make The Lonely Island proud. On Monday night's second night of auditions for Season 12 of So You Think You Can Dance, Aaron Viland auditioned with the street style "The Creep." Yup, that's the very same dance that The Lonely Island originated with their Saturday Night Live digital short featuring Nicki Minaj. I wasn't totally sure if Viland was completely serious when he said he was auditioning with The Creep, and to be fair he did call his style "pop-and-lockamation" which is a mix of "Popping and Locking" and "Animation," but he did it and it was clear he wasn't going to make it to Vegas. But nonetheless, the judges had a crazy good time dancing along with Viland and having the rest of the audience join in as well.

Viland was definitely not strong enough to continue in the competition, but he certainly brought a much-needed jolt of entertainment to the proceedings that were starting to get a little too intense in the two-hour episode. But his decision to audition with The Creep got me thinking: Is this the strangest dance style that has been featured on So You Think You Can Dance? Obviously most of the other dances we've seen throughout the show's history have been actual styles of dance. So none of them can really be deemed stranger than The Creep.

But people have been creating dances from the beginning of time, so it'll be interesting to see what crazy dance style will be featured on the show next. I'm excited to watch what happens.

Images: Screenshot/YouTube; danceonfox/Tumblr