Bieber Can't Tell a Flag & Shirt Apart

Soooo, you know that one time that Justin Bieber tried to kick the Argentine flag off stage while he was performing in the country, then proceeded to brush it to the ground with his mic stand? There's a whole video of it here, if you don't completely remember. WELL, good news! Turns out, he wasn't being disrespectful — he just legitimately cannot tell a country's flag apart from a regular old shirt. Sounds legit. In a new statement released via his Twitter, Justin Bieber said he didn't know that it was the Argentinian flag, because "I saw a bra and thought it was a shirt." Don't hate on him for not knowing something that anyone else in the world could have probably figured out in a second! He saw a bra!

"Heard about what is going on with me down in Argentina and I'm shocked. I love Argentina and have had some of the best shows of my tour there," he tweeted, before adding, "people throw stuff on my stage all show and i get it to the stage hands to get off so no one got hurt. that video i saw a bra and thought it was a shirt. Im being told by my team it was a shirt but even if it was a flag I would never do anything to disrespect Argentina...or the people of Argentina or the fans. Im so sorry for anyone who took my actions the wrong way and I hope you can forgive this mistake [sic]."

Maybe we can forgive that mistake, but I can't forgive the mistake of not using proper grammar, capitalization, and punctuation when trying to release a serious statement. Were you even trying, bro?

And furthermore — does he mean he was distracted by the presence of a bra, and then when he saw the flag, he thought it was a shirt because he was still focused on that rad pair of boobs he'd just seen? Or does he mean he thought he saw a bra, then it was a shirt, then it was really the flag of the country he was currently performing in? Where is this bra now? DID THE BRA EVER EXIST?

"So once again to the people of Argentina. Im sorry if that was taken the wrong way and im sorry for my mistake. I hope u can accept this.." his apology and crusade against grammar continued in another tweet. "..and I loved my time there performing for you and look forward to coming back. I gave my all and I know the fans did there too. te amo." OK, cool, we get it, JB.

And yet, he continued: "I would never do anything to disrespect my fans. I dont like having to defend myself but this time it was needed as I mean no disrespect." OK, that's enough Justin Bieber, we get it. "so it is all love all around the world. thanks...and to all the beliebers ALL AROUND THE WORLD. I love you and thank you for always standing by me. Much Love to Everyone. thanks."

Hmm. Who else kind of thinks he's overcompensating because he was allegedly just filmed sleeping by a prostitute in his Brazil hotel room not too long after he was caught spending three-plus hours in a popular whorehouse? Just a thought...

But anyway, in conclusion: Justin Bieber cannot tell a shirt apart from a country's flag, and he's distracted by bras because, even with all those hit records, fat paychecks, and hot girlfriends, he's really still just a 19-year-old raging hormone bomb from Canada. Good to know.