These GIFs Should Never Be Tweeted On A Monday

It's a feeling we're all familiar with: feeling absolutely dead on Monday morning — the operative word is "feeling." So many feelings; so few of them good. On Monday morning, Good Morning America tried to evoke this universal Monday-morning dread with a friendly Disney tweet, but what they perhaps didn't realize was that its tweet evoked actual death. And not just any death, but one of the most traumatizing movie deaths of all time. Good Morning America tweeted a GIF of Mufasa's death in The Lion King with the caption "RT if this was you this morning... #Mondays." Oof.

You know the scene — little Simba is trying to nudge his dad awake, unaware, or perhaps unable to accept, that he had already passed to another realm. It's a scene that likely sent throngs of children into therapy in 1994 (I'm pretty sure there are still support groups out there for adults who still relive the trauma), so it might not have been the best thing to see first thing in the morning on a Monday. Who knows how many throngs of adults GMA's tweet sent back to bed before it was deleted two hours later? How many people's entire days, weeks, or even months have been ruined by the sight of Mufasa's lifeless body and poor little Simba's helpless expression? GMA would have to tweet a hell of a lot of GIFs from Romy and Michele's High School Reunion to make up for their gaffe. (GMA removed the tweet later Monday.)

Speaking of the gaffe, here it is (brace yourself):

I know ... it's rough. And yes, it's completely OK to sob at a GIF.

But you know what? Believe it or not, it could have been a lot worse. The Lion King is not the only Disney movie that featured emotionally scarring scenes. Here are 11 Disney scenes that would have been equally, if not more devastating to tweet on a Monday morning.

When Belle Wasn't Sure If Beast Would Ever Wake Up Again

"RT if this is you after a night at da club. #MondayHangover #YOLO"

The Moment Snow White Bites Into The Poisoned Apple

"RT if you're trying to eat more fruits and vegetables this week! #healthyeating"

When Ursula Takes Away Ariel's Voice, Her Most Unique And Beautiful Trait

"RT if this is you right before a Monday morning presentation. #meetings #ugh"

Or Just This GIF Of Hades Being Terrifying

"RT if this is your boss when you're late."

Or How About This One Of Cruella De Vil That Will Haunt Your Dreams Forever?

"RT if this is you during your Monday morning commute. #IHateOtherPeople"

But Maybe This One Of Maleficent Calmly Watching Little Creatures Tear Each Other Apart Is Even More Terrifying

"RT if Mondays feel like tiny claws are tearing you apart on the inside. #GoingBackToBed"

GMA Might As Well Just Tweet A GIF Of Aurora Crying In Bed

"RT if this is literally you right now. #ActualTruth"

Remember This Horrible Scene Where Cinderella's Ugly Stepsisters Tear Her Dress To Bits?

"RT if this is how you feel when your roommate borrows your clothes without asking. #HandsOffMyOldNavy"

And This Was What She Was Left With

Man, That Girl Had It Rough

"RT if you're just straight-up hating life right now. #MondayVibes"

But The Ultimate Tweet That Absolutely Nobody Should Tweet, Not On A Monday And Not Ever, Is The Scene Where Bambi's Mother Gets Shot And The Poor Little Fawn Is Looking For Her In The Snow — Oh God, Why??

"RT if you've just given up on everything. #AlreadyBackInBed"

Images: S B /Flickr, Giphy, IShareImage, The Mary Sue/Twitter